I had a dream the other night. I was doing my christmas shopping and for some dream logic reason, I decided to get my niece and nephew’s birth certificates for my brother and his wife. I know, what a FANTASTIC present, hey? Isn’t that what we’re all just dying for? Anyways, the papers come and I look at them. My nephew’s papers list us as the parents. I’m thinking “shit, I did say they were for my nephew but maybe they didn’t hear and assumed that since I was calling, I was the mom”.

But then comes the awkward part. I didn’t want to have it changed. Part of me was just hoping we could leave it that way. I knew it was wrong and that anyone looking at it and him would say “pardon me, we’ve got a typo here”. Not to mention that his parents MAY want correct information on  it and all. But dream me  got to have the momentary fantasy of “maybe he could be my baby”.

But sadly, you have to wake up and put the you that would be locked up in the loony bin for trying to convince people that some other child is yours away.

I’ve been feeling strangely sad and a little guilty about it the last couple days. Even thought I know I didn’t ACTUALLY do anything wrong. And dream me didn’t either. She just wished she didn’t have to fix those damn typos.