So, I get to work on Saturday, minding my own business (trying to wake up all the way) while waiting for the rest of the day staff to come into the nursing station to get report. As I glance around to see what had happened on my two days off, I see a memo.

(Gist) From E to staff, I will be away from the facility for the 30th, 31st and possibly the 1st. I can be contacted by phone if needed but for any questions or concerns, (me) will be replacing me for those days.

WTF!!!! AHHH! (ok, I’ll admit, I actually gave a vaguely, not to subtle, out loud sqwock when I read the bottom). My boss had been going around for the last two weeks making random comments about running away and recommending me to hold fort (something along those lines but I can’t remember what she actually said other than she’d probably never say anything about holding the fort). I never once took her serious, always replying “Oh yaaaa, of course, no problem. But you can’t actually leave, ever, because nobody wants your job.”

As it turns out she was at least kinda serious about the leaving me as the go-to person when she’s not in the facility. As I primped my feathers in pride, I wished I’d actually had some warning so that I could see what that actually meant and what the heck I had to do.

Sunday night I found a message on my answering machine from Friday from E telling me what was going on and since my phone, internet, and tv had all been down for about 9 hours on friday, the lack of a number on the call display meant that it didn’t occur to me to check the machine.

 At least now I can’t say “why the hell didn’t she tell me?”

But today was a great day, even though it was even busier with me trying to do a few of E’s things. I had a good time taking on some extra responsibility and none of the others seemed to question E’s decision for a moment. I guess that I’ve been the go-to person a lot for most of the day/ evening nurses since we opened (and since they found out that I love to help others and educate myself and them).

Just a little “yay for me”. It’s nice to be recognized as useful.

And to top it off, I left work, IN DAYLIGHT! and I didn’t need my jacket!!!!! It is such a beautiful day outside and I could feel the warm sun beating down on me. I’ll take this 9 over the -40 we had a week ago any day. Sunshine does wonders to perk me up.