Monster’s 4th birthday is today. How in the hell did that happen? Where did 4 years go? That officially means that it’s been three years since my struggle to have another child began. No luck so far (needed Sherlock to tell us that, hey?).

And of course, like every mother I know, I can’t help but think “he’s getting so big!” But can you blame me? Does this look like a baby?

We had the traditional wake up this morning where I (and Hubby cause he happened to be home) bombarded in with a tuneless rendition of “Happy Birthday” (I’m well aware that I shouldn’t be giving up my day job any time soon and Hubby is worse) and cake. It’s the one day of the year you get to be woken up with cake. If it was for me I’d want pie, but you know kids. So breakfast is cake and PEZ and then I take him to the day home where she takes him out for a birthday breakfast involving what he called strawberry pizza (waffles?) and after work we come home to play on his brand new laptop from gramma and grampa and to figure out what “hot chicken and ketchup but it will cool down I promise” is for his dinner request. Turns out he wanted a roasted chicken. Add pie and eggnog on that and I think he’s getting pretty well spoiled today.

I’m also proud to announce (in the it really has absolutely nothing to do with me but I’m strangely proud anyways) that my chocobuddy Elphaba who was 93 weeks pregnant (or so it felt), just had her baby girl this morning. Little Alice at 9 lbs…ok, not too little. So our Monsters have the same birthday! I’m so happy for her I’m getting teary. To finally have her little girl in her arms just like I hope we all can have. I’m amazingly lucky to have my Monster and even though I want/ hope for more, I pray that one day we all get to (by one method or another) hold at least one child that we get to keep.