CD 20 DPO 0?

Have you ever taken a look at the “refered” section of your site stats, showing where people are finding your blog from? I’m sure you have, but some of them just don’t make any sense. Today I see “” and may I say I got a good laugh when I looked at the page. But how the hell does my blog end up listed as a refered link on this page? really?! What do I have to do with a bunch of apparently drunk russians with people doing yoga poses of their pass out stances? Very confusing.

So I finally talked to Hubby about our situation in the bedroom and requesting that he wear the cape of The Instigator (I’m not sure if said character is a hero or villain yet) at times and I tried to keep it as casual and brief a conversation as possible. Once past the initial shock (no hubby wants to be told they aren’t doing their duties to your liking) he agreed to make an effort to step it up a notch. YAY! So lets just say I had a pleasant wake up this morning 😉

But of course I still have no rise in my temps. And this month isn’t even one of those all over cycles. I’ve been super steady in temps here and I’m not  varying more than 0.03 degrees (celsius).  I even took another OPK yesterday because I noticed some egg-white CM!…and a negatory. I think it was just fluke CM because I’ve been post-ov style dry all week.

We finally have a follow-up with the fertility specialist tomorrow. they said they wouldn’t have the results of our chromosomal blood work, but they’ll have the other stuff. I’m struggling with this feeling that we’re going to go in there just to hear “we’ve got nothing and we’ll have to wait and see about the other labs when they come” and it will have been a waste of a drive into town. Well, I get to see my mom at least, we’re going to stay at her place tomorrow so that Hubby doesn’t have to drive back into town for beer brewing buddy time on saturday and then I get saturday to visit more with mummy and maybe even a date night with Hubby saturday evening! We don’t get many of those, but the ones we do get are really just simple dinner and a movie. I’d kinda like a date night of video games to be honest, lol.

On an up side, I’m feeling good today…not quite the insane ecstatic of yesterday, but good. I’m happy, not exhausted, and looking forward to having Hubby on days off for the next 6 days.