CD 21

So we’ve got our follow-up today and I just looked at the weather forecast. 15-25cm of snow expected by tomorrow night. Holy Crap! I’m used to the 10-15, but this is getting ridiculous. Now I’m freaking out that I’m not going to be able to get back here  and we’ll be stuck at my moms all weekend. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem but I’ve got three cats here that would sorely miss their food and water. Ya, I’ll be loading them up before I go, but still, it’s got me a bit nervous. Last snow (about a week and a half ago I think) we had to get dug out of our driveway by the nice guy with a backhoe from the construction site next door to us. He didn’t even ask, just too one look at us and drove over and started digging. I love him. And that was a 10-15cm snow…but it was super crazy wind so you couldn’t see the end of your driveway and it was a mix of 3 foot tall waves of snow and bare ground. Yay for having a state of emergency declared in your town d/t blindness. Watch out Elphaba, you’ll be getting this in a few days…just maybe not so drastic.

So I’m probably projecting some of my nervousness about my appointment towards the snow, but still. I just know they aren’t going to find anything. Every part of me is saying “why bother going?” Am I a little negative about this? And I’m still wanting to know why the hell it’s supposed to be 6 months for the chromosome labs. I think this process is making me bitter.