Yes, I did ask a couple of my girls this today… and I’m not talking B.O. here.

I have a REALLY sensitive nose and I never know if smells are strong enough that other people can smell too, or if it’s just me. Like hemorrhoids, yes, I can smell hemorrhoids. But not on me, lol, that was just an example of things I know the smell of that others don’t.

So, all day I can smell myself and it’s potent. Why? I’m about to ovulate and I’m at the watery CF point. Can you guys smell yourself when you’re at that point? I’ve honestly never noticed it on anyone else, I’m also assuming everyone smells differently on that front just like your general scent is different.

I ask one of my care aids if she can smell me (not specifying for what) and of course another walks into the office at that very second so I figure, why not, and ask her too. The first rolls over to me (we’re sitting down charting) and takes a big whiff of my boobs sternum thinking I’m talking about perfume. Nothing. Other girl? nothing. HOW CAN THEY NOT SMELL ME!?

It’s not an unpleasant smell at all, faintly sweet and comfortable (was that TMI? lol) but just because I know what it is, I get self-conscious. So have you ever noticed your smell change when you’re about to ovulate?