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CD 4-5, I’m counting it as 5 since there was a whole hour of Wednesday included.

I was planning on posting a while ago. I was going to say that I’d given up on my journey and I was simply trying to make the best of what I have and stop focusing on what I wished I had. I turned my nursery into a computer room and took out everything baby related (minus the change table because it’s busy holding up the fish tank right now). I decided to try and work on my body, get it to where I want it (yes, small butts can still sag) and start buying clothes that are not based on how well they expand or cover a belly.

I’ve actually been pretty happy since I decided to give up on this. We all know that this doesn’t mean that I don’t want more, just that I was taking it out of my hands and putting it into the hand of Mo‘s big giant Spaghetti Monster in the sky. Hubby and I were just doing our thing and focusing on us, our sex life (which we’ve been spicing up, with no thanks to “sex for dummies” I’ll have you know.)

Then I got me a sponsor child. It’s all my chocobuddy’s fault since the little girl stood out for having the same name as her and it was the little girls birthday that day. I couldn’t resist. But that also brought up adoption in my mind again and I told Hubby that we needed to make a decision. Either we hop back on the wagon trying to acquire a child in some fashion or other, or we decide that we’re closing the family off at the three of us. I don’t want Monster to hit 10 and then have to start all over again. He’s going to be 5 in December and already I’d rather adopt a 3-year-old to close the age gap and give Monster a sibling he can actually play with.

As receptive as Hubby originally was to the idea of adoption, he’s really not keen on it right now. He says that he really wants another that is biologically his and I think he figures that going for adoption is us saying that we’re not going to try anymore. It’s not the case, but that’s how he feels. He started pushing for IVF but I’m not keen on that idea since it doesn’t have a great success rate and we don’t know that that is really appropriate for us. We’ve had 3 pregnancies and lost two. It’s been 2.5 years since my last pregnancy. I don’t know if it’s the getting pregnant or staying pregnant that is the biggist issue, really.

So we settled on the middle ground. Clomid. We’re going to give it another round of active trying with all the accessories…or, most of the accessories. Fuck taking my temp every morning. We’re going to have lots of frequent sex and I’m going to monitor my CF and the rest should take care of itself. I’m not taking on the stress of über tracking right now. My CF keeps me very up to date as to when I should be ready (smelling oddly sweet and needing to carry extra panties for when I soak through the first). What? TMI? Haven’t you been to this page before? 😉

So that’s where I’ve ended up. Today I took my first dose of clomid. Am I going to turn into a crazy hormonal woman? I wasn’t when I was pregnant, so I can’t see it happening, but who knows.

I’m scared a bit, but mostly I’m not taking in the reality of it. Maybe I’ll get pregnant. Maybe there will be more than one. Maybe I’ll lose multiple babies. Maybe it will hit me when I’m due for The Red Lady. I’m sure now that if I lose another, I’m not planning on walking into this situation again. Maybe absolutely nothing will happen. That would be…anticlimactic.  Anticlimactic really isn’t all that bad considering other possible alternatives.

It’s a bit of a turn around from giving up.

This song has nothing to do with my post…except I suppose being about babies. But it’s so darn sweet.

So, I had this appointment this morning. I expected to make the hour drive each way for them to say “well, your fine, nothing needs doing, keep taking the aspirin, good-bye.” but they actually didn’t. I was a bit shocked to be honest. I guess I’m so used to doctors telling me all is well in neverland. In case you’re not following (I think I mentioned before) this was for the referral from the fertility specialist to the other doctor that specializes in complications during pregnant. And the first thing he said when I walked in was “it’s been a good while since we’ve seen you. How are your palpitations?” who the hell is this guy? I don’t recall seeing him in my life. Palpitation? I didn’t see him for my palpitations. that Dr was white? Wasn’t he?…Well obviously not or he wouldn’t have just said that “Oh, they settled down about a year or two later on their own. Thanks for asking”. I’ve seen way too many doctors when I’m at the point that I can’t keep a remote track of them.

So he told me what none of the other doctors told me. He put a label on it. Factor 5 (or factor V when in writing which I didn’t catch on to before) thrombophilia is a for sure. That’s a fairly common type and not the biggest of worries. If that is all, then I’m all dandy with the aspirin while I’m trying and having a child but even that is more of a “to make all parties feel better” kind of thing but probably heparin for the 6 weeks after. “But” he said “I’m seeing you have a low protein S and I’m wanting to re-test to confirm that this is not just a lingering from your previous birth control”. It can linger that long? That was months before. “And if it turns out that you also have the low protein S then you will have two different thrombophilias and I’ll have to recommend that you go on heparin during the entire pregnancy untill 6 weeks after”. Wait! He just said heparin. Twice! WTF. SHIT! I’ll have to STAB MYSELF?! TWICE A DAY!!!!! FOR 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!

And I bet you wont believe I didn’t even flinch when he said it. But I didn’t. Just a nice little smile like I was all nonchalant about this. I can’t stab myself, how do I get around this? Can I teach Hubby how to stab me? But he’s not home at the right times, I’d be lucky if I can get him to do one of the shots a day. Who lives around me. Maybe Bev is good with needles, she’s had enough surgeries that I know require fragmin shot after…or maybe Denis did them for her…would that weird them out if I asked my neighbor’s to stab me every day? Or I could pack up the kids and just go to work and make whoever there stab me…thats not a convenient option at all. He’s still talking to me. I wonder what I’ve missed.

So I guess I have to go get stabbed to see if I need to keep stabbing myself.

Hubby and I haven’t had a chance to talk about this yet, just enough to tell him he may need to start stabbing me. “WHAT?! I don’t know about that! I’m more of a blunt instrument kinda guy”. Funny, I always thought of him as a two-handed broad sword type myself.