Slightly depressing song, but I think it’s really pretty

I’m so confused right now. I was reading Yolks post on Sex and the City and one of the comments had a link commenting on fertility laws in Canada

Now this may come off as SUUUUPER ignorant, but I’m thinking what laws? Ok, I’d get that there are laws about how the Dr.’s have to care for us and not do unethical things and such, but I’m reading this and it’s saying ” And anyone who bought or offered to buy the basic ingredients of human life could be fined up to $500,000 or face 10 years in jail.” HWHAT the HHELL?! When did this happen? Well, according to this article it was in 2004. This makes no sense to me. What happened to sperm donors? Wasn’t that kinda the hollywood joke for a while, if you’re strapped for cash you go donate sperm?

Now I only recently discovered egg donation, I didn’t know that was possible, let alone a thing. I was however informed when I was in school that there was in fact a penial implant (although I’m not aware of the details, just that my teacher had a patient with one once). But since discovering that you could get donor eggs, that’s brought a new option to people in that problem category. So I figured that was good.

But now I read this and it’s saying it’s illegal in Canada. But why? whats the difference to getting a donor egg vs a surrogate mother? or adoption (except that you get to carry the baby that is of another’s eggs)? I just don’t get how this is illegal. I don’t see anything immoral about it. Now it did mention about the “anyone caught paying or offering to pay” portion, do I guess donation is ok? provided that you can find someone who loves you enough to give you their eggs or sperm?

It just seems wrong to try and make that illegal (not to mention that it says it’s completely abstract in the laws and not well inforced). I had a friend a few years back and both her and her sister were via donor sperm and their parents just hadn’t told them (no shock there) and they only found out after he died and it was brought to light that he had a condition that also made him sterile. But these two girl were brought into this family who loved them and wanted them, and they had just needed some sperm. So are you saying that my friends creation would now be illegal? Because that’s just fucked.

It just made me a bit angry.

And if that was what I needed to do, I’d find a way to do it.

So now to distract myself with Dragon age