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well Frack!

 You want to know what really chaps my ass? I just used a HPT instead of an OPK.

What a waste of a pee.

On the bed post over night?

CD 16 OPK-

Still, and I’ve been OPKing it twice a day for 3 days. I’ve had no spike in my temps and it seems like CM has gone away. ? Did I have an uber short window this month? A random delay on my ovulating?

I’m not loosing it, the lines on my OPKs are getting lighter. What’s with me and ovulation? I used to be a steady day 14. Was last month the beginning of some new and (very much un)improved cycles?

I’m trying to be (kinda) productive today. I spent the morning doing Monster’s school work with him (although the new joke is to pretend that every letter is a T and I ended up coming out of it covered in chalk). Then i moved on to the time-consuming but lazy task of sorting out all the new pictures on the computer so I could move them to the external hard drive hubby got me (cheaper than forever buying new memory cards for the camera) and I sat doing that for a good couple hours. Now to pick some to print for the living room wall. Ya, lame, but it’s a distraction none the less. I really just want to read but I seem to have the attention span of a nat at the moment (hence the 2 hours sorting out 1 file of pics, lol)

I’m feeling kinda silly today…but in the laziest imaginable form. So basically I keep making joke in my head and I’m too lazy to laugh at them.

So song of the day will be silly.

This brings me back to car trips with my mummy and brothers, listening to Weird Al and Dr. Demento

Baby mine

CD 14

Song of the day is from Bette Midler. I found it on a Disney cd shortly after my last miscarriage and it makes me super sucky. I’m just having a bit of a sucky day today I guess. Not crazy sad, just a touch needy maybe. It’s that time of the cycle when I’d have expected a +opk and it almost seems like they are getting lighter. But It could just be me. I know I haven’t ovulated yet and all signs point to “about to happen” so I’m just hoping that my increasingly lighter opk’s are just the tests themselves.

Today feels like a curl up and read kind of day. I’m so distracted it’s taken me half an hour to write this. I better stop while I’m ahead.

CD 16 (don’t read if you are on a need to know basis only)

So I’m on day 16 and I have ovulated day 14 on the dot  for the last few cycles, normally very obvious with the signs (high, soft, ++CM), but not this time. Whats up? So, day 15 I get my first +OPK with high and soft but where is all that CM? And today I’m med, med, and dry. So I should have ovulated last night right? annoying. The time I finally have my hubby available around ovulation and I don’t know what my body is doing. And my temps have been great this month too, low and steady. I’m really hoping that everything is going to do it’s business even though I’m in doubt.

And in order to distract me from myself this morning my son had orange crap draining from his ear. I love a ruptured ear drum! And YAY for a 2 hr wait in the walk-in clinic (but could have been much worse). I just finished with his last run of antibiotics on Tuesday.

Merry Christmas!

OPK tease

I’ve gotta say, I really don’t think that I ovulated. I got a positive on my ovulation strip 2 days in a row, then it went to a negative and “ok, that’s done with for this month”. so then I waited for my basal temp to go up. And waited. And waited. Still nothing. I’ve read that charting and OPK’s are only supposed to be out by 3 days max to be accurate. So did I not ovulate?

I’ve long suspected that I don’t ovulate on my right side. My first 2 pregnancies were from my left ovary and I haven’t yet found out about my 3rd (I was a little too stunned to ask when she shooed me over to emerg). I had a dermoid cyst removed from my right ovary last year (you know those funky ones that can grow hair, teeth and their own thyroid?) and I asked if that could have been preventing me from ovulating that side, but they said it was less likely. So if I was right in the first place, and if I’m currently not ovulating on that side, then we know it wasn’t the cyst for sure. The reason I suspected right side for this month was that when I was supposed to be ovulating I was getting definite pain on my right site (and then all the other signs of nature went away), plus now that I have no rise in my temp and an old habit of “that damn right ovary!”. I’m trying to get into my Dr to get my progesterone tested to see it I did ovulate, but I’ve heard that your supposed to go in day 21 (providing you’re a stereotypical 14 day ovulation,which this month I was)…but I can’t get in until day 23. Is that going to mess things up? Has anyone else gone for this test? 

This is so frustrating. I want my temps to be wrong. I want to say “this dollar store thermometer sucks” but I know that the dollar store pregnancy tests are just as good as the rest of them, so how hard is it to get a thermometer right? And of course I want to be wrong about my ovary, but it would explain why (one reason) it takes so long to get pregnant when keeping close tract of everything. Only 6 windows a year instead of 12. And for some, each window is a LOT smaller than others.