I don’t know about you guys, but normally I dread the mail because it’s bills and crap (like nestle sending you baby formula samples so you want to throw stuff while you’re standing outside with your neighbours staring out the windows at you). But ever since we (aka mommyodyssey) put in the choco-buddy system in place, I get occasional treats that more than make up for the crap that I have to sift through to get to them.

Marie noted to me that I should keep my eyes open the other day, and the first thing I thought was “And what do we have most in common lately? that would be our current obsession with chocolate milkshakes. I wonder if she discovered a way to send a milkshake through the mail?” and lo and behold! YES! That’s exactly what she did! I squealed with delight opening this up (yes a very out loud and obvious squeal) and to find she had come to the same conclusion that I had about it only to find MORE! A BACON CHOCOLATE BAR!!!!

Now, this can’t just be a Canadian thing I assume, but you all seem well aware of  my love of bacon as well as the pig in my freezer, and this really is the cats ass. Even if it turns out to be the most disgusting bar ever, I will forever love it.

Marie, you tickled me so pink I could kiss you.