CD how the hell would I know…somewhere in the middle?

Nice not to be tracking my own body and cycles like a stalker. Did you girls ever think of it like that? We have been our own personal stalkers. If we knew a quarter as many personal details of anyone else…we’d be creepy as hell. But it’s us, so we’re self-aware!

Self stalker/ self-aware

Determined/ stubborn as fuck

Potato/ potato (but said like a snobby english lady)

I got side tracked. My intention here is to talk about venting methods for frustration/ anger (mostly anger…you guys know me, lol)/ anxiety…you know. All those emotions we try to bottle up. Especially if you are a man (which the largest majority here are not, but if you are here then there was a man or man parts involved). Ok, maybe not especially men, but anyone who deals with stuff like a man…aka me.

So, I promised to keep you guys updated so you could hopefully benefit from my therapy…that just sounds fucked up when written down. During our last counselling session, after Hubby told A (super nice lady BTW) my labor story and she looked like she’d need to change her pants after laughing so hard, we focused on venting. You all know how big I am on venting! And now it’s not just me that’s saying Hubby needs to find an appropriate method of doing so.

He doesn’t like any of my suggestions. You guys remember my style of suggestions? Nearly all physical, nearly all involving hitting things. No, it’s not unhealthy! I’m not hitting anything that can’t take it…or is needed. So I’m going to list my suggestions and see if you guys can come up with a way of A) convincing Hubby that it’s not a bad idea B) alternatives that Hubby may not mind or C) praise my general state of +5 to awesome. I supposed there could be a D) something else I didn’t think of.

  • Smashing thinks we pick up at garage sales (but not at the garage sale itself, they may call the cops) like TVs, desks, large random items, etc.
  • Darts. Fun and simple and you only end up with a tender shoulder the next day.
  • Throwing plasticine. You roll it into balls and throw it at the wall as hard as you can. It makes a large splat and if you use different colors then it looks pretty too!
  • Screaming. Potentially cursing whilst screaming. Just do this in a space that you’re not scaring others or have them join in. group scream therapy.
  • Good old-fashioned hitting your mattress with a stick (make it a padded stick cause if you hit hard enough it rebounds and you might take it in the face, lol)
  • Shooting range – expensive but OOOHHHHHHH it’s s nice to shoot things. You’d never know it, but even though I am a great shot, LOVE to shoot and love wild meat…I need someone else to get Bambi for me. I stick to the inanimate objects.
  • My all time favorite. Fantasizing the most ridiculous situations and laugh your anger away. You guys remember my desire to sit in a garbage can at the end of my driveway and jump out growling at anyone the came by? We all know I’m nuts on the inside. Nothing new there. Humor, to me, is the all time best stress relief.

The counsellor tried to suggest journalling, but that falls under the “no way in hell” of him doing. We have a weight bench, but it’s never been touched (I’m a cardio girl) and he’s not ambitious enough to take up running. So, can you lovely ladies think of anything else that might do? Creative or super simple doesn’t matter.

She may or may not have also told me I have to practice leaving the house more…

What if I like being a hermit? Doesn’t it count if I’m just content at home now instead of avoiding the world?