I’m getting kinda hungry right now. I shouldn’t be. Only 4 hours ago I was so stuffed I thought I’d hurl, but now I am re-craving my brunch.

In lue of an actual day with Hubby last night (he pulled a 12 hr brewing session trying to get their different beers ready for competition and was too tired when he got back) he took me for brunch this morning. The first place we tried was a fail because it’s raved about enough that I guess people are willing to line up for over 30 minutes to get in. We on the other hand didn’t care enough to wait so we went to the cheese cake factory…

Thanks for reminding me I have cheesecake, BRB.

That’s a bit better. It’s apple, which is different, but pretty tasty…but not as tasty as my brunch. I had “california Benedict” which was (obviously) eggs Benedict but with bacon, tomato, guacamole, and the most perfectly poached egg I’ve ever had (by a long shot) and a nice zesty hollandaise sauce. I’m going to be honest, I know nothing really about cooking (other than the basics) but I need to find a way to make this at home. And then there was also fresh melon combo (but I’m allergic to honeydew so I avoided that one so I wouldn’t look like I had a bad botox incident) and “brunch potatoes” which was mashed potatoes with cheddar, onion and some spice that I couldn’t place that gave it a kick. Simple enough meal, but it was just SO DAMN GOOD! And I’m kinda ruining my cheesecake talking about this. Poor cheesecake, you did nothing wrong, you just aren’t as good as my eggs. I feel crazy just saying that.

If I could make this brunch at home, I’d be singing like this during the process.