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Good times, come on, let’s celebrate!

CD1 (didn’t see that coming did you?)


Ya, that bitch arrived today and I’ve never been so happy to finally get my period in my life. I couldn’t stand the stress of being so damn late and having so many -HPT’s. Then there is that damn evil cycle of stress=increased insomnia= can’t eat= nausea= stress = you know. So, the penis may have been defeated this month but I just feel so happy to be able to start a new cycle and get moving on again. Of course the happy is just sitting in there at the moment because I’m feeling to awful to act on it. I nearly fainted this morning…and this afternoon trying to walk around the house and force feed myself (to be honest even the coffee didn’t really want to go down but I made it do my bidding damn it!) Lets just say after a week of feeling so assy, the look in the mirror this morning was a bit of a shocker (did I mention that I weight fluctuate super fast?). I could see ribs and lots of them (EWWW) and that collar bone I love so much was just a little too defined. Now that The Red Lady has arrived I’m hoping the lack of stress and improved mood will kill off my other problems…but I booked an appointment with my dr just incase  it hasn’t by then.

I really want to go try some more coffee seeing as I successfully stuffed a pb&j english muffin down my throat and I think the coffee may go down better on a non-empty pit but I’m afraid of it keeping me up more. Then again, can it really make a difference at this point? I’ll have to see.

But now I must crawl back into bed because I just don’t have the energy in me to sit here any longer.

p.s. I was so happy that the first thing I did was to make my way down to the litter box to clean it. Because we all know how exciting it is to scoop up cat crap!


Ya, you see it. The Red Lady doth come. Have you ever been so happy to get your period? I actually did a little cheer inside. Of course if I hadn’t been doing those HPT’s and getting BFN’s I’d be completely crushed right now…but as that is not the case I say…

Bring on that coffee!  Frosty’s favorite blend (didn’t know Frosty could tolerate coffee!) And as I lounged in my Lush bath with my coffee, reading my geeky book, I was happy to know that I am finally able to get started again. So I got out, covered myself in sparkles head to toe (thank you Lush for your Shimmy Shimmy bar) because I can, and now I’m going to take the luxury of snuggling with Hubby while watching V for Vendetta. Could you find a better way to start a cycle?

p.s. this may add a little extra sense as to why The Robinsons got to me so bad this morning…lol

Coffee vote

Ok, I wasn’t going to POAS today, but I had to take Monster to the Dr for a check up and, well, when you are there already….ya. And it’s a BFN of course. Yet, that damn Red Lady isn’t here yet. So whats the vote. Should I just say Frack it and have my damn coffee? I’m getting sicked of waiting with all these negatives. And that coffee is my only not-prego perk. Is there ANY chance that I’d be pregnant? really? if I give into the coffe does that mean I have to give into the litter box too?

Bi-polar day

I was having a great day today…and an off day…but at least I found my random anger funny.

I actually got a day off today. My definition of a day off is the once every three weeks when my hubby is off work and he takes Monster and I go into town and visit my friends, shop, or even just hide in the basement and play x-box or warcraft. But I haven’t had my day off in the last…3 sets of days off because hubby keeps working his days off. I can’t complain, he’s out making the bucks to pay that mortgage, but I was REALLY looking forward to today because of it.

So I make myself extra pretty today (aka, I showered and did my hair and left the house in the non jogging pant variety), and I drove the hour in to meet Nik at second cup, got our festive (decaf) coffee’s and proceeded to wander aimlessly around the mall. I was determined to find a new pair of jeans d/t only having one pair right now (wore the ass/ knee and button right out of my other pair).  I’ve been having really good luck shopping this week with my MIL so I wasn’t my normal grumpy about shopping self. I was super excited to see Nik, to be on my day off, and to have my fake coffee in hand. Buuuuut, when shopping for jeans, in winter, in big ass boots that must be undone for each changing set, taking pants off over and over that are too FRIGGIN tight…it gets old fast. 

So, this is me today

 I feel pretty today, look at my hair so shiny and nice. YAY coffee (must convince self it is real coffee). Stupid pants FAWK! oooo nice shirt, it fits! 50% off! stupid FAWKin boots. Look at that hangover (belly) FAWK. I look great in this top. oh these pants look nice…can’t get them over my FAWKin thighs. nice nice FAWK nice happy pretty FAWK! PUPPY!!!!!!!!!! (at this point I’m now in pet land)

I always go into pet store and look at kittens and ferrets and whatever else is there and am not swayed by the animals behind glass. But there she is. The sweetest, most darling, farthest from what I ever imagined I wanted in a dog. Little few pound havanese x yorkie (aka havashire, lol, sounds like an offer), and I just fell in love. How much? well after tax and food and stuff about $1500. Insane right? I called hubby. “I have a problem…I’m at petland…I’m in love with a puppy and she’s wonderful and non-allergenic and tiny and great with kids and other animals (we have three cats along with our billion new fish) and I want her soooooooo bad but she costs a million dollars and I just love her!!!!!”. My hubby didn’t freak out like I thought he would, just shocked.

To give a little more background, we had a puppy a couple years ago but only for 2 days because it turned out to have parvo (we thought she was just having a bad adjustment period at first), so it’s not like we didn’t want another dog in the future. And when we got that one, it was my hubby saying “I just found and dog and I want to go look at it now but I really think it’s the one I want and we’ve got to go now!”. So I’m not the only freak here.

After talking to him and talking more to the staff and talking to him again he was pretty much accepting that I was about to pay a million dollars for a dog I wasn’t intending on getting an hour before and I was so close to walking out there with the sweetest girl you ever saw, but then I thought…”get you’re mother to call me”. So he tracked her down in Manitoba and had her call me. I explained everything and asked for an unbiased dog lovers opinion. She had paid a million dollars for her yorkie a few years ago and I wanted to know if she would do it all again and if there was anything I hadn’t thought of. Well there was. I was thinking “is this dog going to be ok with Monster” but not “is Monster going to be ok with this dog”. She made me realize that this is too fragile a dog to have with a just 3 yr old and that if it was a year from now, she’d say go for it. But not yet.

So I didn’t get her and I’m still longing after the only puppy I’ve ever loved at first sight. But the last thing I want is to have a little puppy get hurt because she got hugged too hard by a kid that doesn’t get it.

Now it goes to….FAWK!, puppy 😦  , I’m relieved that I didn’t spend a million dollars 🙂 , maybe I should got back and get her still, FAWK, I’m hungry, these jeans look great, and they fit! FAWKin boots, puppy 😦 , spaghetti!

Hubby later on: “you know mom thinks you want a puppy so much now because everyone else is having babies”

me: “ya think?” (feel the sarcasm)