Alls I can say is why the bleep does it take 4 days to detect ovulation? Yes, fertility friend just told me what I was already sure about, I ovulated day 15, and it’s taking some time for my temps to catch up with me. We’ll see what they do the next couple days and I’ll make that progesterone guess before my labs again.

On the up side….

I made a cork board today. Ok, I know that you’re looking at me like a freak, but I have a thing for sticky notes and organization and my hubby is not thrilled with them being left all over the house (plus he keeps accidentally throwing them out or using them for his notes). So I got this huge beautiful wood frame that must have had a mirror in it before and I made me a beautiful cork board. This kinda goes along with my strange love of stationary.  I also have the desire to paint an entire wall into a chalk board but I can’t see my hubby letting me do that since he already told me he doesn’t want me writing on the walls.