CD 9

No, I’m not really depressed. I’m going through that withdrawal that I go through every time I finish a book series or TV season…or in this case I just watched all 3 seasons of True Blood in the last 3.5 days. Why yes I am a bit tired from staying up late. But it always leaves me with the “well what the heck do I do know?” kinda feeling. And I just found that the next season doesn’t even air untill this summer. Craptastic.

I need my distractions from reality. They are what keep me this sweet, cheerful, smiling, fun-loving self. Me and reality don’t mix well, as you may have notice by my frequent choices of books and shows…and computer games. This is especially applicable when TTC. Must keep stress to a minimum.

I always feel like my friend is missing when I finish something. But it’s ok, I know what to do. I’m can get me some of them life-size cut outs of characters I like so that I can pretend they are my friends. And then I can go to movies and have them sit beside me (BWAHAHAHA, I actually saw a post from a girl who did that). That would be a source of amusement. There’s nothing better than feeling like Edward, Jacob and Bella are truly your friends. Who needs the outdoors when you can hang out with these 2D characters? Real people are so overrated.