I was so incredibly grumpy yesterday that I put myself in time out. It started at work. I had no reason for feeling the way I did and I let everyone know “don’t take this personally, I just need to be sent to bed and  that’s not really doable until I get home”. Sadly, when my mom called after work ~20 minutes into my self-appointed time out, she didn’t quite grasp on to the “I’m really grumpy and need a time out” message and proceeded to chat on asking me to make calls (which I hate doing) and save dates (which I can’t at the moment because it’s too far in advance to know my schedule) and these are things you just DONT want to talk to me about when I’m grumpy. My poor mother was met with Openly Hostile Me and finally realized that I wasn’t joking about needing to be sent to bed.

I think the only thing that would have pulled me out of my funk yeterday would have been a sword fight.

At least I was nice enough to build a fort for Monster before I retired and gave him games, movies and snacks. He didn’t really suffer.

But today is a much better day. I’m not grumpy any more, so I called my mom to tell her it’s now safe to talk to me. I did a little running around after sleeping in until 10:30 (I had to kick Monster out of bed, he hadn’t gotten up yet either!). After the chiropractor (my hip is doing fairly well under the circumstances, just sos you knows) I wanted to go look at clothes. I missed out on boxing week shopping and was a little sad about that. At the end of my perusal of the consignment store (pretty much the only way I shop because I like hand-me-downs) I found a stash of books by the till. And what should pop into view?

Well, we all know that we haven’t mastered the fine art of sex here. If we had, we’d be pregnant, right? That’s the problem. The overall public consensus. We don’t know how to have sex right.

After a good giggle from both me and the lady working there, I had to get it. She was a little shocked, but how can you go wrong? $1 to find out what I’m missing.

Maybe I’ll actually learn something. 😉 (I’ll let you know if I find anything fun)

Oh, and on a side note, I need to make my next book club pick pretty soon and I’m looking for suggestions. Mo picked my last one for me (Hunger Games) and before that I made them read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. They make me read normal girly books and I like making them read… different ones. So what is your suggestion and why?