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Six month blood work

I know that during this TTC / recurrent miscarriages build your own adventure story, we confront many different obstacles, villains, monsters, and just plain questionable situations.

If you want to take a blind leap into the dark please turn to page 93. If you want to have a clue as to what may be happening, turn to page 71. OK, 71 it is. You find yourself sitting in a little room at a table. The walls are decorated with pictures of pretty uterus’ and a little sign that tells you that IVF is not covered by provincial health care. In walks a Robot speaking Klingon and from what little you can translate you know you are getting many many tests and that you are going to wait a very long time for the results of one of them. Six months you are told for the chromosomal blood work .

If it occurs to you at this point to ask why it takes so long turn to page 122. If you are a little lost and have only caught a fraction of the Klingon translation turn now to page 5. Oh, 5 is a nice number, such a simple number.

Now I’m going on a limb here and assuming that some of you have had chromosomal blood work done. Did it actually take this long and can anyone remember a reason as to the long delay? All I can find on google as far as results is stuff varying from 1 week to four, but nothing saying 6 months! I no longer know what I’m talking about, you guys got a clue for me? What the bleep could take so long?

Developed tolerance

CD 21 DPO 6

At my acupuncture visit today I explained how I feel like I’m going a bit backwards again. I’m still head ache free (YAY!) but my energy level is going back down, my sleep is going to crap (although I’m still having those nice fun vivid dreams that she’s trying to get rid of, that will be a downer), I’m having a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning, and the last few days I’ve been the acid reflux queen. All those awesome benefits I was feeling from the herbs before I’m not feeling anymore. I mentioned it was just like me and pain killers. I’ve got some freakish system where I can take something once and it’s ok (not miracle or anything, but taking off an edge) but then the next time I try it I get nothing. I can take enough T3’s, morphine, demerol, or fentanyl to kill me but I wont get any of the benefit…or any reaction period actually (this being the main reason why I wasn’t on meds for my migraines pre-acupuncture). I’ve got an immense pain tolerance but that’s likely due to a lifetime of just having to “suck it up”.

When I mentioned that she said it’s very likely that I could be having a similar problems with the herbs, so she’s going to start tweaking them so I’m getting something different each time but that should be doing the same stuff. So fingers crossed here that this will bring me back to the realm of the living.

The needles today were chalked full of cool. She said that I’m backed up internally and so she has to bring everything downwards (rough interpretation here because she uses the chi and chakra talk that I don’t get and I often forget the explanations she uses with then, but she does tell me so it’s not her fault). She put a bunch in my feet  (even between my big and second toes) and my ankles and shins. then the hands as always, and a diamond pattern on my stomach. “Dont be bothered if you start gurgling” as she walked out the door. Whats that mean? I haven’t eaten yet, is that what she’s talking about? why are my abs flexing without my say-so? interesting. WTF? my stomach is doing the wave (like at a sports game). This feels cool. It’s like I’m a slow motion water-bed. And then I spent the next 20 minutes snuggled under the infrared heater (gotta get me one o’ them) thinking how nice it would be if someone were to come and read me a comic book (a favored relaxation method from high school) and enjoying the wave.

After that was the day 21 progesterone test (I’m speculating low this cycle, we’ll see). of course I bolted out of the house for my appointment this morning directly (almost) out of the shower so I had neither brushed hair (because it was wet when I left, obviously) nor make-up on. I sure look like a beauty let me tell you. I had a few “I almost didn’t recognize you”‘s plus some second look surprised glances (did I mention that my lab is actually the hospital in town and I work there so everyone knows me?). Ya not doing that again any time soon. As my mother has often told me “why don’t you go put on some make-up” should have been heeded before I left, lol.

Ovulation detected

Alls I can say is why the bleep does it take 4 days to detect ovulation? Yes, fertility friend just told me what I was already sure about, I ovulated day 15, and it’s taking some time for my temps to catch up with me. We’ll see what they do the next couple days and I’ll make that progesterone guess before my labs again.

On the up side….

I made a cork board today. Ok, I know that you’re looking at me like a freak, but I have a thing for sticky notes and organization and my hubby is not thrilled with them being left all over the house (plus he keeps accidentally throwing them out or using them for his notes). So I got this huge beautiful wood frame that must have had a mirror in it before and I made me a beautiful cork board. This kinda goes along with my strange love of stationary.  I also have the desire to paint an entire wall into a chalk board but I can’t see my hubby letting me do that since he already told me he doesn’t want me writing on the walls.

No increase again

CD 18

So all signs pointed to day 15 ovulation…except of course the lack of CM and the big old no temp rise…again. Last time I had no temp rise we found I did actually ovulate, but that my progesterone level was awful. Last month was a good spike and I had super awesome progesterone. So does that mean that I have low progesterone again? or is this a non-ovulation? I go for another day 21 prog test on Wednesday, and I think I’m going to ask my dr to keep checking me for another few months (provided that I don’t get pregnent…and lets face it, that’s the less likely event). I wish that I had my follow-up with the fertility specialist sooner than the end of next month. Of course there is still one more CD 2 blood work to be done, but they have everything else. I’m very irritated with my body right now (that includes my new-found pudge).

So I shall cheer myself with Lush baths, Warcraft, Big Bang Theory (season 2 and 3), my new book selection (incl. cheesy comics), and picking through products to make myself some new soap and other skin products. Yes these are the things that make me happy. All to top off with learning how to use my new silk screener and making shirts that make sense to no one but myself.


Alls I can say is that I wish there would come a day when the only person with access to my vagina is my husband. Aside from the HSG (which was much faster than the one I had ~4-5 years ago), that was the most vigorous vaginal ultrasound I have ever experienced. I’m so uncomfortable now. And I didn’t cry when they stabbed me, but they did steal 12 vials! Bastards.

Tomorrow I have to get up at 6am and I don’t even get paid for it. I know, I’m spoiled with never having to be up before 8 or 9 but I make up for it with late hours. So hubby and I have to leave the house by 6:30 to go to town and be at the hospital for 7:30 and wait around for I dunno how long…cant be more than 1.5 hours because they only do the HSG from 8-9  am. Yep, that’s right folks, it’s dye up that uterus day! From there we have a 9:45 scan my innards (but at least I don’t need a full bladder), his 10:00 with the plastic couch, a bunch of really old and dirty porno mags and a cup. All to be finished up with a romantic stabbing for two. He only needs the chromosomal labs, but I have to be completely drained of blood to fill the thousand vials they will need. And we all know my LOVE of needles. Lets just hope that I don’t a) cry like a sissy, b) have a panic attack, or c) punch someone. I suppose there is option d) pass out, but more than likely if I did it would be after. 

Doesn’t that sound like a delightful morning? Then I have to rush home and play volunteer parent to Monster’s preschool christmas party (and ignore the lovely cramping post HSG) then take an over sugared 3 yr old home for fake Christmas. If I’m lucky there will be a nap in there (for me too, I’ll be tired). 

So I may be getting shot up with dye, scanned and stabbed, but at least I get presents after (and spiral ham…drool).