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Monster’s 4th birthday is today. How in the hell did that happen? Where did 4 years go? That officially means that it’s been three years since my struggle to have another child began. No luck so far (needed Sherlock to tell us that, hey?).

And of course, like every mother I know, I can’t help but think “he’s getting so big!” But can you blame me? Does this look like a baby?

We had the traditional wake up this morning where I (and Hubby cause he happened to be home) bombarded in with a tuneless rendition of “Happy Birthday” (I’m well aware that I shouldn’t be giving up my day job any time soon and Hubby is worse) and cake. It’s the one day of the year you get to be woken up with cake. If it was for me I’d want pie, but you know kids. So breakfast is cake and PEZ and then I take him to the day home where she takes him out for a birthday breakfast involving what he called strawberry pizza (waffles?) and after work we come home to play on his brand new laptop from gramma and grampa and to figure out what “hot chicken and ketchup but it will cool down I promise” is for his dinner request. Turns out he wanted a roasted chicken. Add pie and eggnog on that and I think he’s getting pretty well spoiled today.

I’m also proud to announce (in the it really has absolutely nothing to do with me but I’m strangely proud anyways) that my chocobuddy Elphaba who was 93 weeks pregnant (or so it felt), just had her baby girl this morning. Little Alice at 9 lbs…ok, not too little. So our Monsters have the same birthday! I’m so happy for her I’m getting teary. To finally have her little girl in her arms just like I hope we all can have. I’m amazingly lucky to have my Monster and even though I want/ hope for more, I pray that one day we all get to (by one method or another) hold at least one child that we get to keep.

Birthday Pie

My brother sings this song ALL the time.

Yesterday me and Monster drove into the city to have a visit with my parent. We hadn’t seen them in at least three weeks and I figured that we’d start getting hate mail and guilt trip messages shortly if we didn’t. Mummy decided to throw an impromptu birthday dinner for me and my step-dad since everyone missed our birthdays (we were each gone for the days). That sounded fine to me, I mostly wanted my birthday pie and she was offering it that evening…who am I to refuse! Of course, with short notice only my little brother and his wife were able to come over.

Have I mentioned enough times how much I love my little brother? Lets just start calling him LB, it’s shorter. What does he give me for my birthday? “log me on to your amazon account and I’ll buy what’s in your cart”. Oh, I would just HATE that. And the icing on that cake was the card they gave me. It was VERY childish with a joke about pee, then “hap-pee birthday” inside, but it was a talking card so there’s “you said pee….peeeee…” and two voices that actually sounded just like my brother and his wife giggling about pee. Like I said, childish, but we all got a really good laugh (mostly about it actually sounding like them).

Of course when my birthday pie comes out, Mummy cuts pieces and we all start eating and I make fun that I didn’t get candles and a song. Just as if it were rehearsed, my step-dad sticks his finger in my pie (the candle) and they all sing away. I was too amused to be bothered by the finger in my pie (and I got another half pie to take home too).

LB and R just finished moving and LB was so excited about having a guest room that he spent a good part of the evening trying to convince me that Monster and I should just come for a slumber party with them. I hadn’t fed my cats enough to not come home, so we arranged that for next Monday and I’ll be able to go in and see about my tattoo then as well since the shop I’m going to try is open that day.

Mom suggested putting the baby feet on my hip since “that’s where you carry babies”. I really liked that reasoning so that’s high up in my picks at the moment. (suggestions are still welcome thought)

LB was also asking if Hubby was home for my ovulation this round. Now, there is supportive brother/ friend, but I have yet to see him over the last…year?…where he didn’t ask about our TTC. I’m thinking it’s not just about me anymore. Like he’s storing up any info he can get for future reference. So I brought up him and R going to a specialist. As far as I know, they aren’t TTC (they’re young and she’s just started in school), but they fit the criteria better than us and too many people wait until they’re older, more established, have been trying for a while, yada yada. Why wait until later to find out if there is something you can do/ not do…if there is something you need to know at all? I’ve mentioned it to R before, but I think she’s on the “if we do that it makes all this real” front. So I thought if LB knew about the option and they didn’t try…at least it’s two-sided that way.

When I found this I could perfectly picture my little brother singing this.