Ok, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The specialist wasn’t the crazy cow she was last time and  if I’m not mistaken, I think she actually smiled some.

Everything with hubby turned out good so far, not allergic to his own sperm or anything, counts are good, and his basic blood work is good. I had a vaguely different story. My u/s showed that post HSG I still had fluid in my Lt tube and apparently that should have drained out already. So she said it may not be the best of tubes. Although my Lt ovary is the one that I’m always rooting for because it’s the one that I know works. My son and my Darla (first miscarriage) were both from my Lt and I never found out regarding my second miscarriage d/t being too shocked at being told that there was a blighted ovum. I still intend to get that info.

The second “thing of noteworthiness” was that I have a clotting issue. I’m thinking I know, if I check my blood sugar it takes me 15 minutes to stop bleeding and I like getting other people to check for me and not tell them I’m a bleeder just because I have a slightly sick sense of humour . But she said no. She said that I have thrombophilia which is the broad term for clotting too much. You’re shitting me right? If I’m a super clotter how am I such a bleeder? And apparently looking on wikipedia, this is known for being related to recurrent miscarriages. So that’s a maybe of whats happened. I can’t find where I saw it to reference but it was related to something like 5 or 15% of miscarriages after 10 weeks. Maybe I read that wrong….I have to do more looking.

And of course Hubby took off this morning with the sheet in the car (she gave me a copy of the test but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to put in my files or give to my Dr…) so now I can’t remember what type of thrombophilia it is but it has to do with an S and C protein ?antigen?/ ?antibody? deficiency. So I guess that’s two types according to wikipedia, I don’t know yet if they often come together. Anybody know anything about this? cause I haven’t had a chance to do my research yet. But she said it’s hereditary so either my mummy has or my dad had it. My mummy’s sister had a PE (pulmonary embolism) a few years back, and there are a lot of heart attacks on that side of the family so maybe that’s it. I’d have to ask my Dad’s mom of she knows anything on that side of the family. Isn’t it nice to have your fertility specialist tell you you are at an increased risk for heart attack and stroke?! strangely that didn’t bother me so much, but it sure has my mom in a twist. Specialist said she’d have me go on baby aspirin every day “As soon as I’m pregnant?”, “No, today”, “oh”. And she’s giving me a referral to clotting specialist to see what he thinks.

yay 😦

So, after dinner last night Hubby, Monster and I went over to see some friends and had a great visit. Mummy picked up Monster at about 9:30 so we stayed there untill 1:30 playing warcraft cards. It was a great time, almost as good as D&D except that nothing will ever be as good as D&D and as soon as this same buddy puts another campaign together I shall be making regular appearances as an evil NPC. I had a great time, took out some of my frustrations by smiting every attempt our DM (dungeon master) could make. Hubby had some beers and I discovered that I like a true pilsner (no, not that Saskatchewan stuff) along with a dark lager and because I could only taste and not drink (for risk of antagonizing my alcohol allergy and having a violent not to mention potentially delusional style vomit fest) I also was reminded how much I miss beer. I’ve always been a beer girl…even though at my best before my allergy kicked in, I’d have two in an evening. But I like the way it tastes.

And I’m a MILF (as stated in an oddly polite fashion by my best friends cousin that I just met last night). Thank you Miles, you made my night.

So I guess that’s four things: Tube not great, Thrombophilia, Beer, MILF!