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Dance to the popcorn

CD 29 HPT –

Dance party in my Kitchen! Everyone’s invited! Current moves include “dance to the pop corn” and “shake that popcorn” and last but not least “eww, that’s some stinky pop corn, I think it’s burnt”.

I warn you, I have some serious “white man” moves. Hey, we all know there is no sense of rhythm there, lol.

Ok, I’m completely trying to ignore this new change to my cycles. My temps are getting even higher so I guess The Red Lady wont be in attendance for the dance off (which is good seeing as I can’t stand up to any competition over 3 feet) .

On a funny side note: I at once point was hired to dance at a bar in Thailand they don’t check out your skills first. This simply entailed going out, passing out fliers for the bar, trying to get the foreigners to come and then getting out on the dance floor (or on the bar itself for a bit, they were trying out a coyote ugly thing) and getting everyone to join in. I was extremely successful at this. My tactics are to NOT hide my foolio dancing and then people feel sorry that I’m drawing so much attention to myself so a crowd of people that look less ridiculous forms. Success. Just a different route. How guys still managed to hit on me is beyond my comprehension. Maybe they just assumed I was plastered…then again I remember very little of those 2 weeks, lol. Thank you journal for keeping track when I was not and stay away from that much red bull and vodka (this was before my allergy had kicked in full swing, but when it was developing which explains some of my lesser issues at that time point…but I like the fact that I was in the middle of the road belting out “new york, new york” well after any alcoholic effects should have worn off…but I was asking the passer’s by for the words cause I couldn’t remember them).

It’s not helping me that I’ve never recorded a cycle of which I got pregnant during, not sure how I managed that one. So I don’t know if there is any correlation to them, or if they are just the same as every other cycle.


CD 20 DPO 0?

Have you ever taken a look at the “refered” section of your site stats, showing where people are finding your blog from? I’m sure you have, but some of them just don’t make any sense. Today I see “http://lol-snaps.com/russian-drunk-yoga-poses” and may I say I got a good laugh when I looked at the page. But how the hell does my blog end up listed as a refered link on this page? really?! What do I have to do with a bunch of apparently drunk russians with people doing yoga poses of their pass out stances? Very confusing.

So I finally talked to Hubby about our situation in the bedroom and requesting that he wear the cape of The Instigator (I’m not sure if said character is a hero or villain yet) at times and I tried to keep it as casual and brief a conversation as possible. Once past the initial shock (no hubby wants to be told they aren’t doing their duties to your liking) he agreed to make an effort to step it up a notch. YAY! So lets just say I had a pleasant wake up this morning 😉

But of course I still have no rise in my temps. And this month isn’t even one of those all over cycles. I’ve been super steady in temps here and I’m not  varying more than 0.03 degrees (celsius).  I even took another OPK yesterday because I noticed some egg-white CM!…and a negatory. I think it was just fluke CM because I’ve been post-ov style dry all week.

We finally have a follow-up with the fertility specialist tomorrow. they said they wouldn’t have the results of our chromosomal blood work, but they’ll have the other stuff. I’m struggling with this feeling that we’re going to go in there just to hear “we’ve got nothing and we’ll have to wait and see about the other labs when they come” and it will have been a waste of a drive into town. Well, I get to see my mom at least, we’re going to stay at her place tomorrow so that Hubby doesn’t have to drive back into town for beer brewing buddy time on saturday and then I get saturday to visit more with mummy and maybe even a date night with Hubby saturday evening! We don’t get many of those, but the ones we do get are really just simple dinner and a movie. I’d kinda like a date night of video games to be honest, lol.

On an up side, I’m feeling good today…not quite the insane ecstatic of yesterday, but good. I’m happy, not exhausted, and looking forward to having Hubby on days off for the next 6 days.

On the bed post over night?

CD 16 OPK-

Still, and I’ve been OPKing it twice a day for 3 days. I’ve had no spike in my temps and it seems like CM has gone away. ? Did I have an uber short window this month? A random delay on my ovulating?

I’m not loosing it, the lines on my OPKs are getting lighter. What’s with me and ovulation? I used to be a steady day 14. Was last month the beginning of some new and (very much un)improved cycles?

I’m trying to be (kinda) productive today. I spent the morning doing Monster’s school work with him (although the new joke is to pretend that every letter is a T and I ended up coming out of it covered in chalk). Then i moved on to the time-consuming but lazy task of sorting out all the new pictures on the computer so I could move them to the external hard drive hubby got me (cheaper than forever buying new memory cards for the camera) and I sat doing that for a good couple hours. Now to pick some to print for the living room wall. Ya, lame, but it’s a distraction none the less. I really just want to read but I seem to have the attention span of a nat at the moment (hence the 2 hours sorting out 1 file of pics, lol)

I’m feeling kinda silly today…but in the laziest imaginable form. So basically I keep making joke in my head and I’m too lazy to laugh at them.

So song of the day will be silly.

This brings me back to car trips with my mummy and brothers, listening to Weird Al and Dr. Demento

The ass chappery

CD 27 DPO 12

So here I wait for the Red Lady. My temps are still up (as up as I get) so maybe that means that it wont come untill tomorrow…but I still think today. I took another HPT this morning…and another BFN. YAY! It makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside! I don’t know, maybe I killed what little wishful thinking I still had yesterday…or not (why else would I have peed on another ass faced stick today?). But I’m not having that same crushed feeling that I normally get, and I doubt it’s because I have that Kona coffee waiting in my freezer for me (really looking forward to that btw). I really thought I’d have had it this month. Actually having my hubby around, actually having sex when needed, who frackin’ knows. Maybe my ass will get more chapped as once my visitor actually arrives.

So I thought I’d dress pretty today. Monster starts preschool again today and the other mom’s usually see me dressed like a complete slob with no make-up and I know I’ve given the impression of someone who cares nothing about their looks…I dont like that. I thought I’d make an effort to not look like a slob and have an “I feel pretty” day. So I put on some tights (three-quarter length) then a cute leopard print shirt that is a touch loose and then a fun crazy belt that I just got (6 mini buckles at the front) and I looked in the mirror. Who did I see? Not I, but Peggy Bundy was in front of me (not helping that my hair is currently red). It was funny enough that I kept it. At least for now.

p.s. I don’t have big hair.

Ovulation detected

Alls I can say is why the bleep does it take 4 days to detect ovulation? Yes, fertility friend just told me what I was already sure about, I ovulated day 15, and it’s taking some time for my temps to catch up with me. We’ll see what they do the next couple days and I’ll make that progesterone guess before my labs again.

On the up side….

I made a cork board today. Ok, I know that you’re looking at me like a freak, but I have a thing for sticky notes and organization and my hubby is not thrilled with them being left all over the house (plus he keeps accidentally throwing them out or using them for his notes). So I got this huge beautiful wood frame that must have had a mirror in it before and I made me a beautiful cork board. This kinda goes along with my strange love of stationary.  I also have the desire to paint an entire wall into a chalk board but I can’t see my hubby letting me do that since he already told me he doesn’t want me writing on the walls.

No increase again

CD 18

So all signs pointed to day 15 ovulation…except of course the lack of CM and the big old no temp rise…again. Last time I had no temp rise we found I did actually ovulate, but that my progesterone level was awful. Last month was a good spike and I had super awesome progesterone. So does that mean that I have low progesterone again? or is this a non-ovulation? I go for another day 21 prog test on Wednesday, and I think I’m going to ask my dr to keep checking me for another few months (provided that I don’t get pregnent…and lets face it, that’s the less likely event). I wish that I had my follow-up with the fertility specialist sooner than the end of next month. Of course there is still one more CD 2 blood work to be done, but they have everything else. I’m very irritated with my body right now (that includes my new-found pudge).

So I shall cheer myself with Lush baths, Warcraft, Big Bang Theory (season 2 and 3), my new book selection (incl. cheesy comics), and picking through products to make myself some new soap and other skin products. Yes these are the things that make me happy. All to top off with learning how to use my new silk screener and making shirts that make sense to no one but myself.

CD 16 (don’t read if you are on a need to know basis only)

So I’m on day 16 and I have ovulated day 14 on the dot  for the last few cycles, normally very obvious with the signs (high, soft, ++CM), but not this time. Whats up? So, day 15 I get my first +OPK with high and soft but where is all that CM? And today I’m med, med, and dry. So I should have ovulated last night right? annoying. The time I finally have my hubby available around ovulation and I don’t know what my body is doing. And my temps have been great this month too, low and steady. I’m really hoping that everything is going to do it’s business even though I’m in doubt.

And in order to distract me from myself this morning my son had orange crap draining from his ear. I love a ruptured ear drum! And YAY for a 2 hr wait in the walk-in clinic (but could have been much worse). I just finished with his last run of antibiotics on Tuesday.

Merry Christmas!

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing


Along with my progesterone being good this month I actually had  a spike in my temps. But now they’re back down and today is that lovely day when I figure the Red Lady shall come to visit. I don’t know when really, but my last cycle was 27 (on BC for 7? months before that) and my pre-miscarriage cycles (for the last miscarriage) we’re 25 days. I guess technically there is no saying that today is the day, but with the temps and time…here I wait. And I don’t get any warning signs. whats up with that. It’s just “ha HA!” then comes the bloat and back cramps. Sadly I did a HPT on both 25 and 26 (for wishful thinking) and they were both  VERY negative (big shock).  I don’t feel pregnant at all (shocking) and I just want the Red Lady to come and get her visit over with. And when the cramps and bloating come I have the consolation prize of cleaning the litter box!

And now to overhaul clean the house for my in-laws coming (my version of over haul is probley less than yours). I think I shall pull my boyfriend Jack (Johnson..oh ya, we’re tight like this) off the ipod for a listen.

Well below

I went to the Dr on Monday trying to be proactive about my fertility (and maybe a little paranoid some may say) but I had decided that I’m not waiting around anymore. At the first sign of anything, or if I have any questions now, I’m just strolling on in (in the “make an appointment” sense). I can’t help but wonder if the staff thinks I’m nuts seeing me (non-sick me) there three times in the last three weeks. I printed off my fertility chart as it was so far this month and brought it in. I showed him, and explained what I was doing, and told him that I think my progesterone levels are too low and asked him to do blood work. This was day 24 and I know it’s supposed to be a day 21 test, he said it would still be fine. I was sent for the test and told to come in at lunch the next day so he could give me the results and tell me if I was pregnant. Pregnant? I’m wasn’t due for a week? but he said that the blood work will still show already way before the home tests can. So then I have that extra little nervous of I’m going to find out if I had any luck this month.

I didn’t tell my hubby about the pregnancy test (mostly because I was sure that it would be negative but also because I didn’t want him to see my wishful thinking stressiness). So the next day (yesterday) after dropping my son off for his FIRST DAY of PRESCHOOL! (big step, I’m sad/ excited) I ran off to the Dr’s office. In my little room the door opens, his head pops in, he stares at me for a sec “good, keep reading, I can’t find it” and he’s off again. After about 15 minutes he’s back in with a not very pleased look. “I found it, it’s still at the lab, and I cant get the results untill it goes to the city”. So as a “just in case”, he gives me a prescription for progesterone (which he had been planning on doing anyways when we were going to start trying again) and promised to call me when he got the results, even if there was nothing to report. No word all yesterday and if I hadn’t been so sure of a double negative answer, I’d have been more impatient.

This morning I get a private call (thinking it’s my in-law’s) and hear an unexpected young man’s voice talking about a big line up (???) so I laugh and tease the stranger. Pretty sure I had him very confused. At least he knew my voice cause he jumps right into “you’re not pregnant”. So now I realize it’s my dr, and then comes the “Buuuttttt, your progesterone levels are well below what they should be. 7.5 (honestly this ment nothing to me). Looking them up now, at that point they should have been above 15. so ya, “well below” is accurate. But since I’m not pregnant, no point in the progesterone so I’m supposed to just hold onto it for the next cycle. And during my next cycle, I’ll have gotten into the fertility specialist.

So that’s two downers. But on the positive note, If my miscarriages were due to my progesterone being too low, at least that give us something to work with.

OPK tease

I’ve gotta say, I really don’t think that I ovulated. I got a positive on my ovulation strip 2 days in a row, then it went to a negative and “ok, that’s done with for this month”. so then I waited for my basal temp to go up. And waited. And waited. Still nothing. I’ve read that charting and OPK’s are only supposed to be out by 3 days max to be accurate. So did I not ovulate?

I’ve long suspected that I don’t ovulate on my right side. My first 2 pregnancies were from my left ovary and I haven’t yet found out about my 3rd (I was a little too stunned to ask when she shooed me over to emerg). I had a dermoid cyst removed from my right ovary last year (you know those funky ones that can grow hair, teeth and their own thyroid?) and I asked if that could have been preventing me from ovulating that side, but they said it was less likely. So if I was right in the first place, and if I’m currently not ovulating on that side, then we know it wasn’t the cyst for sure. The reason I suspected right side for this month was that when I was supposed to be ovulating I was getting definite pain on my right site (and then all the other signs of nature went away), plus now that I have no rise in my temp and an old habit of “that damn right ovary!”. I’m trying to get into my Dr to get my progesterone tested to see it I did ovulate, but I’ve heard that your supposed to go in day 21 (providing you’re a stereotypical 14 day ovulation,which this month I was)…but I can’t get in until day 23. Is that going to mess things up? Has anyone else gone for this test? 

This is so frustrating. I want my temps to be wrong. I want to say “this dollar store thermometer sucks” but I know that the dollar store pregnancy tests are just as good as the rest of them, so how hard is it to get a thermometer right? And of course I want to be wrong about my ovary, but it would explain why (one reason) it takes so long to get pregnant when keeping close tract of everything. Only 6 windows a year instead of 12. And for some, each window is a LOT smaller than others.