I didn’t add this into my last post in the interest of not…piling the shit on too thick? Ya, that sounds about right.

So, one of the down sides to my profession is that I’m not really build to help people physically much. I’m the size of a 10-year-old for crying out loud. But on average that doesn’t stop me.

On Wednesday I had a resident that had taken a big turn for the worse over that past few days since I’d seen him. He went from walking around (wabbley) and being able to hold a conversation (albeit very confused but if you stuck with the “now” it was ok) and being able to tell you what, if anything, was wrong at any given time. But when I got on shift after being located on the other floor for the last few days, he was completely different. He couldn’t get out of bed, was yelling and screaming at random, hitting and grabbing at the staff, and so confused that you couldn’t even reason with him for a moment. And this is a REALLY nice man we’re talking about. He was labelled palliative, eminently dying. He was in so much pain that we were having to give him crazy amounts of drugs to try and make him comfortable, but he wasn’t drinking or eating anything. He was so dehydrated that he was going toxic from the analgesics  (making him WAY loopier) and we were near desperate to convince him that drinking was a good thing.

Closer to the end of my shift I check on him and he says he’s thirsty. SWEET! So here I am trying to help prop up this 200/ 250 lbs guy that is in too much pain/ confusion to help me but no one else is available and if I wait he’ll forget that he waned the drink. I honestly didn’t think it would be such a struggle. I was still used to him moving on his own. So when I was doing shift change report 30 min later and my hip was a little sore I was thinking “damn it, I guess that was more awkward than I thought”.

Another 30 minutes later driving my partner home and picking up Monster, it actually hurt to drive. I called my boss just to let her know that I may or may not have hurt myself more than just a little and if it was still an issue after a hot shower and a night sleep I’d come in so we could fill out some WCB forms (workers comp forms, don’t know if it’s different in different countries).

I spent that evening between laying and standing because sitting didn’t feel so hot. The next morning I was pretty sore still so I booked a chiropractor appointment and came into work to fill out the forms. Turns out I’d pulled a nasty strain on my left SI joint and it was worse than I’d thought. H (my chiropractor) told me the whole “ice 3 x daily for three days, no lifting/ puling/ pushing, lots of laying down, and I’ll see you tomorrow after your acupuncture”. I was sore but doable that day. The next day after acupuncture and more being cracked I went home knowing that I was going to be hurting. AND HURT I DID! Getting that hip back in is NOT FUN! I was so sore that I was nearly in tears all day and I have a very high pain tolerance. She also told me I wasn’t allowed to got to work Sunday (today) and I’d be on modified duties for ~2 weeks.

Well, it still is uncomfortable if I sit for long but I feel much better than I was before. But my main problem has become I’m bored stiff. I was more than happy to lay around reading for a couple days, watching tv for variety, Hubby cooking meals, but that’s old now. I’ve gotten used to moving around and DOING things.

This is going to be me pretty soon


Anyone up for a hip swap?