(Disney princesses table dancing! lol)


As The Red Lady’s way of laughing at me, she arrived on my way to the store to buy some HPT’s. No joke.

So, my life has taken a massive turn as of yesterday. I accepted a full-time job and I start on Monday. I found a day home to put Monster in, she’s going to try taking him to and from school and I’m really hoping that works out because he will be completely heart-broken if I have to pull him out all together. I’m already going to be taking him out of most if not all of his music classes and the nursery time at church for my MOPS and bible study where he gets to play with other kids his age. So if schools out, there will only be him and really little kids. Lets hope that the transporting to and from school works out ok.

I’m pretty nervous about going back full-time. I guess I’ll no longer be an at home mom, like we had planned for me until all our children were in elementary school. I wanted to work half-time, or casually…but they kept calling asking for me to fill various full-time lines and eventually I guess I let them bully me into taking one. On the up side, we could really use the extra money. On the really up side, if it doesn’t works with our lives or Monster doesn’t deal with this well…or if I hate the job…I can quit! We don’t need the money, it just brings on these fantasies of ripping out this awful Asthma Bane carpet for hardwood and having a savings account actually mean something (like not living pay check to pay check).

The horror is that I’m now going to be getting up at a minimum of 3 hours earlier than I’m used to and having to drag a very much non-morning child around with me. I’m going to be very tired until I can reprogram myself into a new schedule.

 You think there is any chance that I’ll get pregnant now that I’m going back to work?