I feel like a stick waster. I know, go ahead and point your fingers! I just wasted my last two HPT’s and now…I don’t know what to do, I’ve never run out before (which is what happens when you buy them in bulk). I’m debating if I should buy another bulk order or just say to hell with it. Having them around only makes us more inclined to psych ourselves up, right. But I do like the OPTION of being able to POAS when I feel the need/ curiosity/ random desire to punish myself. So refresh me, is it HPT’s that can work as OPK sticks or the other way around.

Today is CD 27 and I went for the good ol’ POAS on day 24 and day 26. And here I keep telling you guys to hold out. I’m usually good for it, but for some reason I actually had hope this month. I should have known better, hope means a definite -HPT.

I hate this game. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE.


Just incase you were wondering, there’s some hate in there.

Pity party, I’ll bring the banana bread!

Ok, my pity party actually started this morning at Monster’s music class. The teacher (who I also found out is also a coroner and now I keep picturing her singing and dancing while she’s doing autopsies) played Puff the Magic Dragon for the kids. It reminded me of when I was little and my dad used to sing this to me and replace the land name with my name so Puff lived in “a land called ShaunaLee”.  It’s a silly little thing, but it’s one of the few nice memories of my dad and it’s got me stuck in the “I want my daddy” mode now.

Is there a time limit on wallowing? How long do I get for not pregnant and no daddy?  An hour? A few hours? Doesn’t matter so long as I suck it up before Hubby gets home?