Well, that’s it, it’s finished. Like I’ve mentioned, 5/6 of my sisters were having babies this year and the last one popped on friday. So the large part of me is cheering “YAY, no more pregnant sisters!” (yet) and another part of me is a little nervous that I’m now completely surrounded by babies.

They. Are. Everywhere.

I’ve recently gotten to the point where I am better with babies again. I’ve spent a long time now just not really acknowledging them much. I never really hold them. Well, other than the one time last year when I took the first of this years bunch off for about a 30 minute snuggle and cry. That was the only time I’d ever really touched any of my nephews (let alone any other baby) until this summer when my older brother had his son. For some reason I was drawn to that boy like he was my own. I guess it’s hard to hold back when there is no way to deny that a child is so obviously of your blood. He (W) is like my brothers doppelganger. But now the last two of the bunch are out too and I’m trying my best to get back to snuggling the babies. It doesn’t feel natural, let me tell you. And I never thought I’d say that holding babies is awkward and unnatural (except W) but I’m just being honest saying that it is.

That will change with time again, right? I was never like that before. Just since my miscarriages.

It has to get better, ’cause they are everywhere.