I’m just going to go right ahead and put a big ol’ TMI warning right off the bat here. And descriptive. I’m not going to bother with an in-depth Google search since many of you have already put in the hours.

I’d be…CD 13 now (I had to look it up, still keeping with the trying to not pay attention)

I know that some of you have talked about the mid-cycle spotting (ovulation or implantation I can’t remember which) but I’ve never had anything of the likes before. Last night post a little …fun… I get my lazy ass up an hour later (overkill, I know, but I was reading) to go to the bathroom and, no joke, bright as hell red is making its way out. My first though was “oh, it’s that time of the month”, but no, I’m nowhere near that. I just finished it last week. I’ve only ever heard of mid cycle spots as being browny or pinkish. Not bright, fresh as fresh can be style red.

And to answer the next obvious question, no, it wasn’t remotely rough. I have no excuse to have bled otherwise and when he’d cleaned up, there was nothing on him. Being realistic, it would only take a few drops of blood to turn one load of semen that red, but…SO RED! Seriously never happened to me before.

Anyone have any idea’s here? Can ovulation spotting be that bright?