Believe it or not, they are done. It took a little hand holding and deleting email from our interactions to prevent me from throwing things at him, but it ended up coming out well. I’m even pleased to say that he apologized for the fuck ups and admitted that he’d been skim reading the emails and after I ripped a strip off him last week he went back and read my initial email that had all my VERY straight forward instructions in it. Yay for me, I guess?

But at least it’s done. And I’m really happy with how they have turned out. No to mention getting tattoos is almost as good as a message for me since I have a crazy high pain tolerance and the light weight of the persons arms on my back with the vibration of the machine nearly puts me to sleep (and has in the past). But he had a fancy-ass new kind of machine and it was the gentlest tattoo(s) I’ve ever had.

It’s not a great shot. The whole slathered in oil thing and my camera being a jerk is making for a fuzzy picture (that and I’m trying to get Hubby to stop playing WOW for two seconds to do it so he’s not really paying much attention). I’ll get a better picture of it shortly, but it gives you the general idea. I’ll put a picture of the other up with a different post about it too.

So, I guess now is the time to sit down with Monster and talk about this. I’ve got the tattoo, the story, the ashes, now I just need to time to sit down and do this. It’s so rare that I’m busy, but it is Thanksgiving weekend and Hubby and I are out today to celebrate our 8th anniversary.  I guess maybe it will be Monday.