I’m assuming this isn’t the case for most periods, but at the same time nothing that’s too far from normal to be concerning. But it’s freaking me out a bit.

Like I said, The Red Lady came (albeit a little late and all) but this is unlike any period I’ve ever had.

Oh ya, if you don’t like TMI, go away for a while.

I’m bleeding heavy. I NEVER bleed heavy. My heaviest bleeding requires regular pads or tampons. Last night, I bled through my pj’s (sleeping at this point and I’m not sure why I was wearing them since I never do but I’m glad I did) not even two hours after I had changed my tampon. Here I’m thinking “shit I’m hemorrhaging again!”. And then there were crazy amounts of clots. Big clots. I barely ever get clots and when I do they are wispy little things. We’ll just gloss over how fun it is to try and scrub the bed in the middle of the night and your hubby somehow sleeps through the entire fiasco.

And today. Again with the clots. I thought my girlfriend was always exaggerating talking about walnut clots. I got bloody walnut clots! (pun intended, I’m just full of knee-slappers).

The main thing that freaks me out about this is that the only time I’ve ever bled like this is when I’ve miscarried. If it wasn’t for the BFN on …thursday morning, I’d be thinking that it was happening again.  So what the hell is going on?

Hubby’s answer is “well, then go to the dr, but we both know that you’re not going to”. Why would I go? What the hell is the dr going to do anyways? “Yes, I acknowledge that you are bleeding heavily but it’s not remotely life threatening. Clots are not of actual concern during a period. Drink lots and go eat a steak. Thank you for waiting two hours (at least) to see me for that”. I wish Hubby understood more that sometimes I just need him to know what’s going on, that it’s bothering me, and to be sympathetic. I don’t need a “well then go to the dr” every time I mention something wrong.