I had called and talked to a guy about getting my tattoo, what was it, two weeks ago? I gave him my info and we chatted about what I wanted for a while. I sent him some examples of things I liked and the I used the site he recommended to find the font I wanted for the writing. Then he said he’d get back to me.

After a week of  nothing I sent him a little “how’s it going?” message. I get back that everything is good and it’s done. ? Well…? You gonna show me? Then he tells me that I have to book and put in a deposit before they show me the stuff to make sure that people don’t just take the artwork from them and start shopping around at other places. Reasonable, right? I can understand that logic but it would have been faster for him to tell me that first. I’ve only ever done the “go in and talk directly to them” style of things, never having all this back and forth from long distance so I was a little out of the loop. So I finally get the appointment booked and send him an email that it’s done and I’m excited to see what he’s done for me. That was Friday.

Today, finally, I get a message saying with what he’s got for me….and it’s exactly what I had sent him. It’s not even placed how I said I wanted it. The feet are just an exact copy of the example I liked best. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t want those exact looking feet used, but when someone says “so people don’t just take the artwork and start shopping around elsewhere” don’t you expect that they’d have changed things up so that it is in fact their artwork? And the text was just a cut and paste of the words using the fonts I wanted.  Which was fine except that I wanted “Darla” curved around the bottom foot. I wanted to see if I liked the look of it. And I had said I wanted two feet, not two set, but who cares, two sets is probably less confusing to the onlookers.

So I say to the guy “Isn’t that just a cut and paste of what I sent you?” and specified what I wanted in a polite but to the point message. Including not wanting the last “j” capitalized and please don’t forget the “d”.

And he sends me the message “Here I just cut and pasted your message back to you.HA… thanks for the input.” Then, and this is the good part, 30 minutes later, I actually get the full message I sent him cut and pasted back to me. I’m REALLY hoping it just took that long to get through because if he had that bad of a blonde moment while he was trying to be sassy, I just don’t know how serious I’ll ever be able to take him. As is, I’m giving him one more go before I just cancel my appointment and go somewhere else.

And While writing, he just sent me back this.

Are we forgetting that he had me pick the font I liked? Why did he just fuck with that? Does he think that I want swirls because I’m a girl? I’d have picked swirly fucking font if I wanted swirly font! This should really be simple. I didn’t tell him he had to change it, just that he made it sound like he did. I feel like I have to go drawl it for him myself. If I was standing in front of this guy we could have had this done in ten minutes and not two weeks.