And a little variation on my brother’s favorite song for today.


Fried green tomatillos? Ya, Doesn’t sounds right, does it? But that’s what I made today.

My older brother and I as…teenagers I think?…somehow became obsessed with trying to make fried tomatoes. It also occurs to me now that we never looked up how you’re supposed to fry them up, we were just working with the “wing it” philosophy. We also had no access to green tomatoes so we were always trying to do this with ripe red ones. It just sounded good. Of course they always sucked and fell apart (or mushed apart is more accurate) in the frying pan.

But a couple weeks ago I came across a recipe for Fried Green Tomatoes (yes you may laugh at me if you know how little is involved in this) and I got all excited. Today was my brother’s birthday dinner at Mummy’s and I thought it would be nice of me to make these for him. But remember what I said about no green tomatoes around? But I was told (via google) that you can fry up tomatillos the same way and that they taste good too. Why not give it a whirl, right?

They were actually pretty good but if you don’t like citrus than you wont like them either since they somehow taste like there’s lemon juice in the mix rather than just corn meal and flour. VERY tangy. Aaaaaand only good fresh. Once they sat for a bit they got all soggy. Since no one in my family had ever heard of these, it officially became known as “fried green armadillos” after I gave up trying to remind them what they were really called.  

So that’s how I distracted myself from wanting to pee on a stick today.