I’ll let you in on a little secret here. I never see it coming. The Red Lady that is. I don’t really get bloated, cramps come ~ half a day later, my boobs don’t get sore…correction, any more sore. They are ALWAYS sore nowadays (that’s an ass-chapper letmetellya).

So, I’ve been thinking, like I said I wasn’t going to, what if I could be pregnant? Today is that day that The Red Lady would appear on a short (and previously normal just like last month) cycle. But How can I tell if she just hasn’t got around to showing yet, or if this is a time-tested grade A quality torture method like when I added a couple days to every cycle I had and I ended up going from 25 to what was it 38 days or some crap like that?

I have this theory that I’ll only ever be pregnant when I’m really sure that I’m not (which has been the case before). That sound be the case this month with Hubby being gone so much, but then there is the part of me that thinks “what if he did get home in time?”. Because I’m thinking I ovulated right before he came back, but I’m not really tracking…just going by CF here since I just can’t NOT notice that.

And just because I’m thinking what if, you know that this month is a write-off anyways.