This little rant brought to you by the letter F and instigated by Eggs in a row.

So, the other day I was in the middle of a discussion. Middle in the physical sense, not really participating. Actually I was kinda trying to ignore it for the most part since it was baby talk. Future baby talk to be exact.

The jist: “We’re just going to wait until I finish school and then we’ll get pregnant…I’m going to have three children…”.

I couldn’t bite it back at that point. “Oh really?! You are? Just like that?” I may or may not have added in something else a little snippy but I can’t actually remember it so I can’t count it. What made this whole thing rub the wrong way?

A) She knows my history? Yes, but not the problem

B) She was in a room of at least three women, wait make that four, that have suffered miscarriages in the last few years (although nothing saying they weren’t just “coincidence”). Nope, that wasn’t it.

C) Common sence dictates that you can’t always get what you want and if you make a plan life with fuck you over? Nope, that still wasn’t it.

D) I was just being emotional since this was at the end of the baby shower I was at? Honestly no, this would have done it anyways.  (speaking of the timing can you tell that this has been bugging me all week?).

What really did me in was the fact that she has had 3…THREE! miscarriages before she’s even been trying. Don’t you just want to turn around and say “What the FUCK!? You KNOW better!” Or at least she should.

Maybe I should just congratulate her on her ignorance. We all wish we still had it. I just couldn’t understand it.