CD, who the heck knows, but I’m due maybe, probably, likely in the next half week?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned…maybe many times…that out of all my sister-in-law’s (including steps), in the last year 4 have had babies, one is about to pop, and the last one is sitting (not so happily) in my boat (with the added benefit of not actually having been trying and not planning on trying for the next couple years…only fraction of a benefit seeing as she is, in fact, in my boat). But I get to be Captain of my own ship because I’m the oldest. I’ll add in whatever other reason I need in order to be Captain, up to and including “because I said so” and “because I was here first”. No, I never said that I am a permanently rational person because it’s not as fun.


Sunday was the baby shower for my newest nephew (they’ve all been boys BTW) and my Mummy ended up hosting since P’s parents…ok, I don’t remember why, but Mummy was panicking and needed my help. “Of course I’ll help. Just let me know what you need”.

And this is what I figured would come out of this

And as it turns out, that was the best place for me. It also turned out that my help wasn’t REALLY needed since almost everything  was done before I got there, but having something to do during the party (food, drinks, cleaning up) was a well appreciated distraction. I even had a couple moments where I held RSC IV and it didn’t hurt my feeling to look at him. I think that’s some progress, even if it did feel a little detached.

I now only have 1 more to go until the Year Of Pregnant Sisters is at an end. It’s going to be a loud Christmas this year. Any suggestions on quirky things I can do to get through that? All I have planned is making Lutefisk for humour/ sentimental factor and that wont take long.

On a much happier note, Hubby, Monster and I had a family day (I don’t know if we’ve ever really had one before just the three of us) on Saturday and I wanted to go to the corn maze open a couple minutes from our house. This isn’t a big thing with bunches of attractions set up, just a maze cut into a farmer’s field at the edge of town. I LOVED IT! I have always wanted to be in a maze since I was a child and saw Labyrinth. Even if you set aside the fun of trying to get lost in the thing, it was a really nice walk on a beautiful day.

 Not bad pictures for a phone hey?


  Just don’t watch the last few seconds, it’s aweful!