Putting in a song that makes me smile since I’m grumpy. The Me First and the Gimme Gimmes version is preferred but I couldn’t attach a clip.

Today was Monster’s first day back at school for the year. Maybe it’s just my mood today but I’m really starting to wonder if I like many kids that aren’t my own. Probably just me.

I had my slumber party with LB last night. Nothing out of the ordinary but it was nice to spend time with him. We watched the Princess and the Frog or whatever that newer Disney movie is called and it was cute but Monster is very concerned about those crazy-ass voodoo masks and why they took the bad guy away and I’m just not up to explaining Voodoo to a 3 yr old. Hell, I can’t explain it to myself! Alls I know is that it’s in the South, they talk in a way that makes me smile and giggle with a jumble of french in there, that there’s a lot of spicy food, and that voodoo is creepy. And that could easily be all incorrect information due to TV.

So, my minor funk started out with getting a crap sleep. I forgot to bring PJ’s since…well…I don’t wear any and it didn’t occur to me to bring them. I dug out some clothes that I have bagged in the back of my car trying to remember to drop them off at a donation bin but never do. I was wearing jogging pants and a t-shirt that were ~2 sizes too small and laying in a foreign bed in a foreign room and it was too hot. Monster and I tossed all night and kept each other up a good part of it. I’m really not used to sleeping in beds other than my own and occasionally at my parents. In summation, I was tired.

Then at school they were doing the “get to know the kids” portion and would ask them question and if it applied to the kid, they’d stand up. What does Monster stand up to? “Stand up if you have a sister”. I tried to get him to sit down (I was the volunteer parent today) and he turned around and glared at me (would have been funny if it were for a different question) “yes I do!”. Yay, for drawing attention there. What am I going to say though? Ya, actually he does/ did but that she’s dead, to a group of 3/ 4 yr olds? No. So I just left him to have his turn, like many other children that only stood up because other kids were too, and I had to have a little bathroom break to cry. Obviously Darla has been on my mind more than normal the last few weeks.

Just top that off with I’ve barely scene Hubby in the last month (9 days I think I got?) and I’m just a little lonely for him. And I think I ovulated today…and he’s coming home tomorrow night. Go team me.