So, my plan…well one of my plans that I have…at least this one is achieveable…was to re-do my bedroom. We can’t afford to rip out the carpet in the upstairs and put in hardwood (which we really need to get to ’cause of our asthma and allergies), but we can afford for me to paint and install a ceiling fan, maybe change the drapes, and to get a new summer quilt (ours has been washed too much and is falling apart). In case it wasn’t obvious, this is a plan to distract me from the fertility issues and the fact that this month is a right off anyways with Hubby gone.

Well, it’s proving to be more time-consuming than distracting already.

I got the fan and today felt like a good day to try and install it. Ok, fine. Today I felt like finding out how to take the previous fixture off and when I couldn’t find the immediate solution I started obsessing. I bought this house, it was here already, I have never put up a ceiling light before. After a long struggle and a bit on google trying to find similar lights I found the secret pull latch crap and got the bowl off. But what’s this underneath? Ya, I got on a roll and dismantled this thing knowing full well that I’d most likely have to wait until a friend was available to come over and help me with the fan and I’d have no light in the meantime.

But I won! God only knows who put it in before in such a fashion that it didn’t want to come out. When you keep unscrewing and nothing ever happens, you start wondering.

The short version is, curious obsession took me to my fan, I put it together with occasional prompts from my step-dad over the phone and Mummy giving me shit for doing electrical work (how do you mess up “white to white” and “black to black”, don’t forget grounding wire?). It took a long time and my arms are NOT used to holding things above my head for longer periods of time. But I did it!

And then I had no fitting light bulbs.


Wal-Mart to the rescue! Of course, since I was there I thought I’d get paint. The lady tried 3 times and then ran out of buckets to bung up. It was good for a laugh until I discovered that I wasn’t going to be getting my paint and I’d been standing there for 30 minutes. Hopefully the person that belongs in that area can get my paint tomorrow.

Oh, and when I put in the bulbs and turned on the fan…one of the bulbs burnt out instantly. Ass. I’ll pretend I’m going for mood lighting in there for now. All by myself…