CD…ummm…early single digets somewhere

Logically, sick should be…unappealing, right? I mean, YAY germs! “Come on over Mr. Mucus” isn’t exactly what runs through your head first when someone has a cold. More like “Run away! Run AWAY!!!” Well that’s no ordinary rabbit. That’s the most foul, cruel and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

Hubby was supposed to be gone with work for a couple weeks but ended up coming home after being on stand-by for two days, he’s going back tomorrow to finish up the stint though.

Hubby gets home and all I hear is the door slam and then nothing. I go to the garage to find Hubby lugging in his bags wearing jeans, white runner (for some reason I like white runners and they were new so they were actually still white) and the first ever clean white t-shirt I’ve ever seen on him (he can’t stay clean for the life of him, really). The combo looked particularly good on him…and then he spoke. Out comes this deep, husky, sexy voice and it was all I could do not to throw myself at him. Poor guy spent the next while trying to tell me about his horrible day and finally said “could you stop smiling at me like that!”. I just couldn’t get the shit-eating grin off my face. In the 9.5 years we’ve been together he’s never lost his voice and I was too distracted by how sexy he sounded to give him the sympathy he deserved.

Am I a bad wife? lol.

Of course my grin did fade a bit with the realization that he feels like ass…not so likely to be up for sexy time there.