CD 2

Shocking news, I’m not pregnant. I know. We’re all surprised when that happens.

But I’m still pretending that we’re not trying. Of course, I left to stay with my in-law’s shortly before I would theoretically have ovulated (guessing here with the not self-stalking bit), so probably had no chance there anyways, and now Hubby is scheduled to be gone with work untill shortly after I will ovulate next. So this month really is a right off unless I manage to perfect the immaculate conception method…which I haven’t even started on so I’m way behind there.

But more to the point of this message. Dial-up internet sucks balls. And calling it “high-speed” is just a cruel oxymoron, lulling you into a false sence of security in your desperation. Maybe, just maybe it wont be so bad. But no. The fewest tries to get into my email was 2, but averaging on 4-5 . The fastest was 15 minutes and the longest was 2.5hrs (and I didn’t get in that time either).

Blogging was impossible. I was reading post and responding, only to find that my comments never showed up! How much of a piss off is that, right? right a big ‘ol message and then it goes and deletes itself  under the pretence of posting it. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was sitting in the middle of nowhere looking out at the lake and the trees, surrounded by pretty twinkle light and a very calming MIL, I’d have tossed that lap top into poison ivy.

Calming, isn’t it?

Another upside (aside from the awesome view and good company) to being out there was that I got a birthday party. Why? because when mom was planning my birthday supper, the kids started in about “what kinda hats ah we gonna wear? what cowor ah ve stweamer? Bawoons?” So Nana felt guilty that these boys were expecting a real party and went out to fetch the supplies. I got me a birthday party planned by a 2 and a 3-year-old. There were balloons, noise makers, hats. We were dancing to oldies, painting faces and had some good old-fashioned birthday pie. That’s right folks, I like pie, not cake.  Or anything in the shape of a pie. Or anything in a martini glass (except for a martini). You wouldn’t have thought it, but that was just about the best birthday party I’ve ever had.  Even with the bittersweet note of seeing the boys get all excited about it and wishing that I had more crazy monsters running around.