CD ? lol

My SIL pointed out to me that there is going to be a remake of Dirty Dancing coming up. I’ve got some mixed feeling on this.

#1. I don’t think I’m old enough to have my childhood movies remade yet. What the Hell? Isn’t it a little early? Am I wrong? I grew up watching Little Mermaid and Dirty Dancing (I know, not your usually combination) and I used to record it every time it came on TV. My best friend D and I would run barefoot across the alley to my house so that we could make it to the VCR and I’d get MAYBE a week before my dad would “accidentally” record over it. This happened about twice a year for my entire childhood (then my mom just bought me the VHS).

#2. This may be a crappy idea because there is no way that they can sufficiently replace Mr Swayze. He is the best, the ultimate in sexy, he IS Johnny Castle. What? Didn’t your mothers raise you to idolize Patrick Swayze? To wish you were Baby so that you could dance with him? (or wish you had any coordination so that you could dance period?).

#3. I’m just no really a fan of remakes in general.

Conclusion? Leave well enough alone.