Yep, that’s right folks, The Red Lady came to town. Who’d have guessed that I would experience such a festivity!? The joy, the laughter, yada yada, fluffy things and cuddling, blah blah blah.


OK, the real reason that I was ticked was that I didn’t expect it for a few day. I don’t know why I was thinking I’d still go 28 days once the birth control stopped, but for some reason I did. But back to the 26 day cycle I go. Then again I was in the mid to high 30’s before I went on it again. I can just never tell now.

Saturday morning, Me:”Hubby, I’m crampy, it feels like I’m about to get my period”, Hubby: “ok…that’s not fun”. I know, what else is he going to say, lol. “Oh my darling, let me message your pelvic area and all that surrounds it in an unsuccessful attempt to alleviate your cramps”. More likely would be a “you know, there’s a cure for that” followed by an eyebrow waggle.

And, just because the it’s more funny this way, I was attending my uncle’s wedding all bloated. I decided to embrace it. I decided that I could be The Red Lady all on my own.

On the up side, I was able to inform my little brother that I had cramps on a semi-regular basis throughout the day. The little joys in life, such as a battle of wills between siblings as to who can say the more blunt and awkward things around the other. This is the same brother that inquired about my baby making schedule at family dinner.

I guess we’re back at CD 1 (for Saturday), but I’m still not going to track it…so much as I can help it that is.