My best friend and I, as I may have mentioned in past posts, do not communicate on a normal human level. We don’t really talk, but instead communicate through grunts, strange noises, quotes, and songs. This is one of our ways of keeping happy, even though no one else has a clue as to whats going on about 90% of the time. We make each other laugh and we enjoy each others nonsense. In fact, I think making each other laugh is half of what we spend our time on. If you’d met me, you would understand that making me laugh has some strange results…which she seems to enjoy.

How do you laugh? Do you look/ sound like as much of a fool as I do? Some people have a nice laugh, and I am not one of them. But I don’t have just one laugh. I seem to have hundreds of them, each stranger than the last. They range from cackle to maniacle to snorting (very common) to high-pitched weezing, and of course my frequent “BLEHEHEHEHEE!” and usually followed by “I didn’t make that noise”. Lets just say, I doubt my laugh was part of the reason my hubby was first attracted to me 🙂 . And I’m a slapper. Dont sit beside me for a funny movie without being prepared for a couple potential wacks. And when I tell a joke (usually not understood by anyone but my best friend), it is usually followed by a knee slapping (yes, I tell real knee slappers) and the head thrown back kind of laugh.

I make myself laugh just by reacting to my own laughs and seeing other people reactions to me. I know I look ridiculous and I don’t care cause it’s funny. We all need to be able to laugh at ourselves.

This is one of the songs that will forever be embedded into my head when I think of Nik. To be fair, it’s not the exact version we sing to each other in public, but still. What morbid children’s songs we have going in our society.