So it’s 5am and I haven’t gone to sleep yet. My hubby isn’t home (out of town) to yell at me for not going to bed and I can’t take my newly re-prescribed sleeping pills until The Red Lady actually makes a cameo. And the worst part is that I’m not even tired. Just snacky. But I don’t want to eat cause I might get tired, jump on the chance to go to bed, and then get super acid reflux cause from lying down post eating. Don’t that just suck? So I thought I’d say hi.

Hi guys!


Ok. maybe a bit tired, but the sleep isn’t here yet. If not in the next half hour or so I’ll just have to stay up until Monster goes to school at noon. The life of an insomniac.

It can’t possibly be much longer, right? I mean, my temp did drop this morning…yesterday morning? technically. So I should get it…today? Did I mention I just went with the “to hell with this crap” method and made me some Kona coffee today. And I hade two and a half cups. It was delightful.