Today was actually a decent day. I worked! can you believe it? I haven’t worked since early November. but today I happened to be able to take a shift and I put in my 12 hrs at the hospital.

I was a bit nervous seeing as it had been so long and as how I’ve been so scatter-brained lately, but it proved to be a good distraction for me. Maybe working more will help get me out of this funk better. I was so good to not be able to think about things for a good chunk of the day because I had to worry about meds and my patients and procedures and helping my partner when she needed me. I had a vomitter on one end and a pneumonia pt on the other that had taken off (or some how no longer had on) his oxygen and they kept me on my toes most day. All my people were great (as patients, if not so much in health) and I was reminded how much I love my job (yes even with the vomit). In the years (can’t remember how many which is bad cause I’m only 28) that I’ve done this work I’ve had less than a hand full of “bad” patients. My theory is that if I’m good and nice to them, they return that favor, and it’s been working all this time so why mess with a good thing. Not to say I’m a soft and sweet nurse, I’m all about tough love, but they always know it’s strong on the love side.

I’m looking forward to spring because not only does it bring better weather, but it bring Hubby home more, and more work for me. We made an agreement that I wouldn’t work out of town during the winter because of the off-chance that I’d get stuck in the city during a storm and Hubby doesn’t want me risking my neck in a storm just for some extra cash that we can live without. So since I can’t pre-book shifts in my town, almost ever, I really just never work in the winters. I’m a three season staff member I guess. But it’s not going to be much longer now and I’ll be able to be a casually(~4-8 days a month, lol) productive member of society again.