Oh, my goodness, what is with you crazy women? I don’t catch up on my blogs for a couple days and now I have 25 new posts to read! How self-centered of you all to just keep writing about yourselves so much (what do you mean I’m just as bad, never. *cough cough* pot and kettle). 😉

I’m feeling good today! not just not feeling bad, but actually good! Can you say the same? I hope you can. And just the fact that I feel light and humorous today…and sociable (I called my mom today just to say hi even, like a good daughter should…and she gave me heck for not calling to tell her I got home ok. 2 days ago, lol). I went over to see my friend Charity this morning and she scanned me through Netfix (which I now really want) and then we played on the playstation wii equivalent and she won my heart over again by playing archery and gladiators with me. My hammer (think Thor) was way more effective than her sword. Good laughs all round. Topped off with coffee (yes, I’m having a “fuck it” month and letting myself have the occasional coffee along with not keeping tract of anything more than my temps) and a bacon sandwich and ya, great morning! The only way it would be better would be if I could go out in my bikini and tan and the back yard.

And I had sex last night. And it wasn’t crappy ass “dr prescribed” sex, but fun “just cause we can” sex. So there. Better mood already 😉