(Awesome song one of my girlfriends just introduced me to. If you’re not familiar with it, there is a certain amount of swearing.)

Sadly it wasn’t with my hubby, but when it’s with one of your best friends it the next best right? My friend B had called me up and requested my presence last week and I was able to find a sitter for yesterday (aka grandparents came back from Mexico). Since he is always willing to drop what he’s doing for me, it’s only right to return the favor. Plus I haven’t seen him in months. He’s got himself a lady friend and they are full force into the lovey-dovey stage. Apparently I’m the only one who hasn’t met her yet and the general consensus seems to be good. But I couldn’t help it when my friend R told me “you are going to absolutely love her”, my instant reaction was “oh, shit, she’s a dirty skank”. After a while I remembered that B doesn’t date dirty skanks, so now I’m just confused. R can’t possibly have figured out my taste in women, it’s the running joke that everyone he has ever said I’d love has been and dirty skank and I’ve hated them (hate’s a strong word, I don’t actually hate anyone, just have a strong aversion to). The only person he didn’t say that to me about was my lovely best friend N who is now his wife, and I couldn’t love her more. How many times can I say “dirty skank” in this post? hmmmmm.. lol.

On a side note: I promised I wouldn’t mention the “dirty skank” fear to her unless I decided that I liked her and after she got to know me and my humour. This is not out of character for me to be blunt with people and was a very valid point for B to raise.

So my hot date! lol, involved sitting around chatting (the only guy I’m really comfortable talking to about my miscarriage/ fertility issues), picking his brother up from the airport coming back from Amsterdam. I LOVE his brother, always have, and even more so because he crashed my wedding dressed up as a cowboy. I have a real soft spot for people that can amuse me. Then we visited with some friends for a short stint and he took me out for a lovely steak dinner (and paid! I think he was feeling guilty for not seeing me in so long. I got the hand slap when I reached for the bill). We planned on finishing the night with a movie, but figured we’d watch something on Netflix at his place but his brother was so jet lagged he couldn’t remember the password so we chatted and watched “wipe out” which is a bunch of silly people trying to get through obstacle courses and getting very wet/ muddy/ beaten in a humorous fashion. Good times. Now, if I could teach him how to braid my hair it would have been perfect.

It was good to have a pleasant distraction from all my TTC stress.