You’re not going to believe it. I left my house today. For a social call. Social call? who says that? Why can’t I talk like a normal person? I made plans last night that I’d go over to see my friend and her kids and I was roused this morning by a crazy, bed-headed Monster with eyes bugging out of his head “WE CAN GO TO AUNTIE CHERRY’S NOW!!!!!”. This falls under the “go away and give me a second to wake up and then I’ll be excited with you”. But once I got up and going, I was excited. My first social visitation other than helping move D in over a month. I even made myself pretty. Hair down with a braid in the front, red lips, pretty dangly earings, bacon at the ready. You’d think I was going on a date. Oh, the bacon was because I was going to make her eggs benedict for lunch. I don’t frequent people houses carrying bacon…but maybe I’ll start just for the reaction.

It was so nice to see her again in a setting that didn’t require anything from either of us. For the most part we just cooked and chilled and played with her iphone trying to find different music to show each other. We have a date for Monday now too to go through her Netflix and watch us some BBC classics. I haven’t seen Wuthering Heights yet and she’s raving about it. I’m thinking maybe Emma too.

Hubby is back home again but he’s still sick. This seems to be the winter for us being ill. I don’t think all of us have been healthy at the same time since this summer. So he’s tucked into bed while I’m spending my night WHAT? reading no way!