This song has nothing to do with my post…except I suppose being about babies. But it’s so darn sweet.

So, I had this appointment this morning. I expected to make the hour drive each way for them to say “well, your fine, nothing needs doing, keep taking the aspirin, good-bye.” but they actually didn’t. I was a bit shocked to be honest. I guess I’m so used to doctors telling me all is well in neverland. In case you’re not following (I think I mentioned before) this was for the referral from the fertility specialist to the other doctor that specializes in complications during pregnant. And the first thing he said when I walked in was “it’s been a good while since we’ve seen you. How are your palpitations?” who the hell is this guy? I don’t recall seeing him in my life. Palpitation? I didn’t see him for my palpitations. that Dr was white? Wasn’t he?…Well obviously not or he wouldn’t have just said that “Oh, they settled down about a year or two later on their own. Thanks for asking”. I’ve seen way too many doctors when I’m at the point that I can’t keep a remote track of them.

So he told me what none of the other doctors told me. He put a label on it. Factor 5 (or factor V when in writing which I didn’t catch on to before) thrombophilia is a for sure. That’s a fairly common type and not the biggest of worries. If that is all, then I’m all dandy with the aspirin while I’m trying and having a child but even that is more of a “to make all parties feel better” kind of thing but probably heparin for the 6 weeks after. “But” he said “I’m seeing you have a low protein S and I’m wanting to re-test to confirm that this is not just a lingering from your previous birth control”. It can linger that long? That was months before. “And if it turns out that you also have the low protein S then you will have two different thrombophilias and I’ll have to recommend that you go on heparin during the entire pregnancy untill 6 weeks after”. Wait! He just said heparin. Twice! WTF. SHIT! I’ll have to STAB MYSELF?! TWICE A DAY!!!!! FOR 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!

And I bet you wont believe I didn’t even flinch when he said it. But I didn’t. Just a nice little smile like I was all nonchalant about this. I can’t stab myself, how do I get around this? Can I teach Hubby how to stab me? But he’s not home at the right times, I’d be lucky if I can get him to do one of the shots a day. Who lives around me. Maybe Bev is good with needles, she’s had enough surgeries that I know require fragmin shot after…or maybe Denis did them for her…would that weird them out if I asked my neighbor’s to stab me every day? Or I could pack up the kids and just go to work and make whoever there stab me…thats not a convenient option at all. He’s still talking to me. I wonder what I’ve missed.

So I guess I have to go get stabbed to see if I need to keep stabbing myself.

Hubby and I haven’t had a chance to talk about this yet, just enough to tell him he may need to start stabbing me. “WHAT?! I don’t know about that! I’m more of a blunt instrument kinda guy”. Funny, I always thought of him as a two-handed broad sword type myself.