And out of sheer determination, I’m planning on feeling good and enjoying myself. So we’re having some happy music today. (But seriously, who makes these awful video’s? really?)

I did me a little pampering today. Nothing much, and it’s stuff that I can’t normally be bothered with, but today just felt like a day for it. I washed my hair and I’ll be putting it in rollers once it’s done drying. Shaved myself baby smooth, lotioned up (so I smell like an orange again), took off that ratty old nail polish and scrubbed my cuticles back to a nicer state, and plan on wearing something at least remotely nice (nicer than my jogging pants and t-shirt) and doing my make-up. If I get enough umph I’ll go out and see one of my girlfriends this afternoon. I know I really should do this to get out of the house, but I’m still in hermit mode and haven’t left the house in a month for anything other than family obligations and taking Monster to school. So I should try and improve my track record right? But it’s so damn cold outside. I’d really like a nice day tanning in the backyard right about now, but I’ve got a….3 months till I can do that. Did I mention that we only get 2 maybe 3 months of really nice weather a year. Not that it stops me from wearing tank tops year round. And I wear thongs year round unless there is snow. I try to deny winter but it doesn’t do me the same courtesy.

Every since I mentioned my massive funk, I’ve actually been on the up swing. Today I’m actually feeling…not assy? So that’s good in comparison. I’m not strutting around laughing or anything, but I’m not lying around crying! I’ve even been playing music around the house the last two days. And I got back on the exercise train. It’s like I said in a post a few months ago, talking about the power of venting prayer, it’s like it just lifted that all away. All I had to do was acknowledge it to get it to take a hike. Obviously I’m not saying everything has become perfect, but hell, I’m too stubborn to be depressed. So maybe realizing what was happening and saying it out loud was enough to rearrange some of my head.

On the fun side, we got a pig last night. You’re not going to want to cuddle this one though, because Hubby and his buddy butchered it already. He said it was like an episode of Dexter. Entire kitchen lined in thick black plastic with saws and giant knifes lying around. I’d have liked to see that spick and span kitchen all filthy like that, I’d have gotten a good laugh. Then again I suppose when we do our Beerogie (Porogies with beer in them) insanity next weekish it’s going to be just as bad…just floury not bloody. We have over a years worth of pork in our freezer now. And the bacon looks so damn good. I just want to take a chunk and start slicing off strips right now. I guess we’re going to be getting about 30 meals of sausages coming once his buddy gets them all spiced and done. And yes, there will be beer sausage! Hubby and his buddy brew from scratch and they’ve done a million batches and us wifes are trying to figure out how to incorporate it into recipes. Their smoked porter was amazing in the porogies last time. I’m looking forward to sampling the pumpkin and hot chocolate beers they made too.

and now I’m boring you guys with food and beer, lol, sorry.