I find it really annoying that half of these videos have to be redirected to youtube.

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself last night.

All day Hubby was trying to be super nice in a very “just in the background” kind of way and I was just trying not to sulk around the house too much. I read Will Wheaton’s “Dancing Barefoot” as a pleasant distraction and then when that was done (it’s not long at all) I moved on to Dan Well’s “I’m not a serial killer” which, as it turns out, is a much better distraction from life at the moment because even though (I’m not far in here yet) it’s written in the perspective of a sociopathic teen obsessed with serial killers and working in a morgue, it has no romance or romantic related relationship going on. I LOVED my Sookie Stackhouse books,  but I think reading about some girl being pursued but many different characters (all super sexy too) was bringing my lack of sex life to an annoying front. So now, it’s just dead bodies, no sex.

But I got sidetracked.

I moved on to some Dragon Age last night for variety and Hubby came in at about 10 and asked all polite like if I’d come to bed until he could fall asleep. So I dutifully crawled into bed and snuggled Hubby and talked about his work. And It was nice to have that little time there. To get to snuggle into my Hubby and remember that as awful as I’ve been feeling, things just don’t seems as bad when I can curl up in his arms. Of course that doesn’t make everything better, but those reminders sure help.

And 10 minutes later he rolled over and said “ok, I think I can go to sleep now, thanks”. So I laughed to myself at my dismissal and went back to my computer game. Shouldn’t it have been me asking for snuggles and him pausing the computer game for his duties of husbandly affection?