And just like that he was gone again. Not enough notice to even try and squeeze a quicky in there and I should be ovulating in the next couple days. I thought it was perfect time for him coming home (as far as TTC goes), but I didn’t think he’d be sent away so fast. He didn’t even get his three days he’d agreed on in order for them keeping him away for as long as they had. I normally am fine with him being gone, but I also usually have more than 15 minutes from “oh, crap” to him pulling out of the driveway. Not to mention that since Monster hadn’t seen him in three weeks, 2.5 days just didn’t cut it, and I’m sure it was breaking Hubby’s heart to see how upset he was about daddy going away again. At this moment I really hate Hubby’s boss (not as a person, but as a boss). Who gets notice at 7:30pm to drive 4 hours away (not including getting to the shop and getting the rig ready to go and meeting his partner) for a job the next morning?

The unexpected exit, the sick little boy crying for his daddy, and the fact that we were just waiting untill Monster went to bed to hop on that TTC wagon is all just topped with knowing that the chances of him coming back before I ovulate is pretty much nil, and that writes off another month. And if I sound just a little resentful it’s because I am. And I couldn’t help but cry about it as he drove away.