I’ve been looking for a good “fuck you” song for a bit now. 🙂

So, yesterday was a nice day for me. It was the kind of day that I’d have expected to have years sooner than yesterday, but it came none the less. My best friend moved out into her own place! She hasn’t always lived at home, but she’s always been either attached to her parents homes or with roommates. But she saved up and had a condo build and I was super excited for her. I went over to help her unpack and set up to find that most of it wa already done, so we did the shopping of “things you don’t know you need untill you go to used them”, like a kitchen garbage can. I even spent the night with her making it my first sleep-over since before I was pregnant with Monster (at least 4 years then).  I miss having girl time and just chilling around with her so bad, and I always felt that I got jipped not getting to live together at some point growing up. But we were never in the same place at the same time, so whatcha gonna do? But now I can say I helped her break in her new bed on the first night (much needed assistance). It’s so relaxed with her, like we lived together anyways. Going to bed was like a routine: Tea, visit, she goes down and I stay up to read a bit, I crawl in and pass out, she wakes up in the morning, gets ready, gets me up, we make coffee, and we each do our morning routines that seems to fit around each other calmly and smoothly. Like it was just naturally that way. It was so nice having someone to wake up with (in the quiet we don’t talk much fashion that is). I don’t know if me and Hubby have ever gotten up together in our 9 years together.

But it was great being around her (even though I did about kill the dumb ass in Canadian Tire because he kept showing her the exact same thing just in different sizes). It was like being the old me. The pre-miscarriages / pre-hermit me that could just laugh and chill out and swear a bunch at random (although I suspect it was more hunger cranky swearing).

And I thank her today also for introducing me to Lily Allen (yes, I was a Lily virgin untill this morning).

One thing I have to laugh/ shake my head about was her asking me it we were “still trying”. Does it look like I’ve succeeded? Nope. I think I’d have at least told her if we’d given up. But maybe it was just the easiest way she could think to bring up the subject. At least she’ll talk about it with me.