CD 10

I’m so far over the moon right now. Hubby called last night to say that he’d be coming back home today!!!! I haven’t seen him in three weeks…and you all know how lonely 😉 I’ve been for him, so I really couldn’t have any better of  a treat today. I’d actually planned and had a sitter for tonight so I could go and smash some walls down with one of my buddies, but this will be FAR more therapeutic. Not that I’m cancelling the wall smashing, just putting it off…maybe thursday? Depends on what Hubby’s schedule is like and if they are going to be sending him elsewhere again.

So I got up, vacuumed, swept, showered, shaved the beast that I had become in the three weeks he’s been gone, washed my hair, and put a roast in the crock pot. I came out all smooth and smelling like an orange (I’m a citrus girl) and I’ll be doing my hair before he gets home and getting my make-up all pretty. YAY! Lol, It’s like dating again when  he’s been gone so long, I’m having to restrain myself on the phone from squealing in his ear about my excitement.

Nice visit, he’ll have some time with the Monster, nice dinner, put  Monster to bed then… 😉 . Just in time for appropriately timed TTC too!

I’m so pumped I’d do a strip tease for him if I had any coordination.